Monday, May 29, 2006



The Celtic Festival in Barbados. I was in the bathroom at the Ships Inn, and then this guy with a kilt going in and having a pee at the both next to me. It was so funny hahaha.

You'll need to be very sure about this though


Is not for everyone, so if you are not ready is probably you won’t enjoy it.

You must be very confident with yourself, your sexuality and above all, an open mind.

Don’t do it with someone you are emotionally linked too if you hadn’t had a talk beforehand.

It allowed me to have a good laugh at myself!

It was my birthday! I was horrible! hahahaha. I guess then I realizad I’ll never win a grammy award hahaha.



Boquete is a coffe producing town up in the Chiriqui Highlands. I found this great article about it.

I’m going to Chiriqui next weekend to visit mom. I’ll try to update your maps with the coffe stores I’ll find there. In the old times, before the US/EU retirement fever catch upon Panama, you’ll have coffe at a friend’s home, just fresh from roasting in the backyard or at an old small pub near the town’s plaza straight from the 50’s. It was bought and remodeled (I miss the hot chocolate they prepared there), it had lost its 50’s charm :-( , now there are “coffe shops” everywhere, targeted for tourists at premium prices, well, guess that’s the price of progress.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

10 Things about myself


I was net hoping and found an interesting blog. It’s called I will teach you to be rich. And it has and interesting proposal:

What would happen if you tracked these things?

1. How much $ you spend per month
2. How long you spend talking to your family per month
3. How much time you spent working on the thing you say is your “passion” last month
4. How far you walk every day
5. How much you read NOT from a computer
6. How much time you spend organizing your life (bills, etc)
7. How many calories you eat per day
8. How much time you actually work at work
9. How much time you spend watching TV per month
10. Which of your goals you accomplished last year



1. Di sleeping at my side.
2. Eating the breakfast Di prepared for me
3. Thinking of Di

Needed Good deeds are everywhere....

You just need to watch carefully. There’s always someone needing help, in any form, money, food, a little talk, a smile, a touch.

Friday, May 19, 2006

I'm trying the following guidelines:


-Used my experience with GTD to stay focus at the tasks at hand.
-Use a timer that reminds me every 5 minutes to stay focused.
-When feeling overcome by it, do zen, in order to take control back.
-Take sleep pills in order to get to sleep.
-Meditate, Meditate, Medidate

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A fall by other name?

When I was at the peak of being a bipolar, at least I knew how to identify a fall. Now, everything seems to be right, everything seems to be ok, and I feel completely lost, as if suspended in a moment in time while outside everything moves on at increasing speed.

I’m manic?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

At least I started in this one...


I found an old copy. So I’m using it as a base to start a new one.

I'm giving up!

Some books are impossible to get, even in the internet :-(

I completed my first project!


I signed up at Rent a Coder

It’s great when you win a bid, and then when the buyer accepts the finished work!

Also, is a source of great inspiring work and keep my mind working. Since for each bid that attracts my interest I build a prototype to show the buyer.

The User interface is a little cumbersome, with a lot of text, wished something more compact. But the site is great.

I also got into trouble because I started bidding without learning to use the interface first. They should have sort of a sandbox for newbies.

I’m 2,875 dollars away of my goal.

I hadn't being able to comply...

My schedule is almost full. Maybe I can go early in the morning a saturday.

I got into the gym

I got into a gym near home. I was advancing quite fast. But I’ll need to skip at least for a couple of weeks until I get back on track on my expenses. I’ll start using the one at my building.

I just don't have time!


Nor time nor intention. Being the easily distractive, prone to stumble into things won’t be advisable in the foreseeable future.

Besides, I love the unfinished look of it, it mimics my life.

I just don't have time!


Nor time nor intention. Being the easily distractive, prone to stumble into things won’t be advisable in the foreseeable future.

Besides, I love the unfinished look of it, it mimics my life.

Great pasttime!


I’ll recommend it anytime!!

Global Portfolio sort of thing


Ning is amazing! I love it! it’s a great framework. One of the ideas stored in some sticky note was to map my portfolio’s customers. Ning made it very easy. The application is called portfolio oikoumene At least allows you to create quite prototypes!!

Family dinner


This friday my family would be guests for dinner. It would be great, I’m looking forward it! I’m worry about Tita (my grandma) coming over, I wonder if any of my friends can lend me a hand and go and pick her up to bring her to the city.

I also will get to spent the weekend with mom. I hope she would help me to transplant the tomatoes that I’m growing in the window.

Why I feel I’m miles aways of everything that’s going on in my life.

What we should conceal from our mom?


Even when we are having fun, I know she wants to know more what’s going on my life. But since a child, I keep my issues to myself, and that seems to hurt her.

I'm gaining weight again...

I’m back to 200 pounds. :-(