Friday, October 26, 2007

Need to make progress on this one...

Applied to four proyects trough the UN Online Volunteering Programme

Created a Google Calendar to handle the time devoted to volunteer work , will start with four hours a week and scale to 8 hours a week.

Would start reviewing the courses already in progress at PEOI to see where I can lend a hand and start plans to write and submit my own.

Compassionist asked me to organize a walk group for his next year’s project , would be great! Never done something like that, taking care of the organization and resources would be great and I’ll learn a lot.

A great service that the UN site has is the notion of groups, as a volunteer I can help those groups and as a group I can submit a request for help to the other volunteers, but to be a group It has to be registered in the country of origin. I’d enrolled a friend to help me with the paperwork stuff, a foundation of sorts, I’ll ask my neighbours at Nabuur about what’s the best way of doing it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Cavafis, I dreamt once I was taking a stroll with him along the beach, outside Alexandria, I couldn’t understand what he asked me but I answered “It hasn’t changed”, we kept walking in silence.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


I always get to a point I start working and then waste 90% of my time doing sidelines, not the intentional task.

Removed Typo3 and decided to give it a try to Drupal, a lot of good stuff but it would require time to setup, get familiar with the template system and since I wasn’t able to do anything useful in less than an hour gave up on it.

One thing I liked of Drupal is that it has a module to create facebooks applications, I’ll schedule another hour to give it a try next weekend.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Weekly Review - 13-Oct-2007

1. What did I fail?
The redo of the Update logic. It took more time than the older one.
2. What am I resisting?
Work on my Thesis.
3. What did I do well?
The Java SMS subsystem.
4. What can I do better?
Be realistic with task times. Acknowledge for unknowns instead of giving the “ideal world” times.
5. Were you the person you want to be during the past week?
6. Did I get closer to achieving my short, medium, and long-term goals?
Short: Yes Medium: No Long term: Undefined yet
7. What am I grateful for?
Getting in gontact with my UK friends again.

7 Questions to answer every weekend - at my GTD Weekly Review Session

Got them from here

1. What did I fail?
2. What am I resisting?
3. What did I do well?
4. What can I do better?
5. Were you the person you want to be during the past week?
6. Did I get closer to achieving my short, medium, and long-term goals?
7. What am I grateful for?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

My experience with GTD

I use Jello Dashboard for the GTD flows in Outlook, sync to my Jornada and print a daily report into my paper notebook. Use Plaxo to sync between my PC at home, my PC at the Office and my Google Calendar.

GTD is a methodology easy to follow, no big complex rules, just common sense workflows, if you are technical oriented or a programmer, you’ll love it, indeed, you can implement it only with paper and pen if you want.

Get the audio book too. I put it from time to time to avoid the cubicle noise.

One of the most rewarding things...

I used to see myself as a Siberian Husky guy, but Corgis are another issue entirely, where my sibes use blunt force to get what they want, Alia is clever enough to see how to get it or trick me into doing it for her, I bet if she had more bigger fingers I’ll find her one day smoking like a 20’s diva and reading “Dangerous Liaisons”, yep, she’s mean, she’s smart and she’s gorgeous and she knows it.

Some setup...

Bought some construction paper and put a big piece at the wall in front of my bed, my intention is being able to see it everytime I wake up and work some time on the goals written there.

Today I’ve to show a preview.


My first friend was a Canadian boy called Jerry, I’d to learn english in order to communicate with him, I was eight then, my next friend I got when I was finishing high school,bye then, all my journals and inner talks where done in english those years, so, If I need to express something very deep, emotional, it’s hard for me to do it in spanish, since english was the language for that. I wish I could speak more about my feelings in spanish, since when I must, I just shut my mouth and say nothing, sometimes I can’t even find the words, had to use their counterparts.

Now, how I do that.

on 3:00AM cooking and Ratatouille Moments....

But as usual I’m too busy to find proper time. However, when I do have a “Ratatouille moment” (usually when hungry, after 3:00am while marathoning to finish a deliverable) I pull something from the net and try it. My favourite stop for it is the 101 cookbooks site

Would be titled something like :

3:00 A.M.
Cooking for programmers, slackers and workaholics

Sounds good! I can imagen the website interface: A big empty fridge and cabinet and a selection tool “What’s in your fridge?”, “What’s in your cabinet?”. You select what you have and the site returns a list of recipes ranked by easiness, time to deliver, filling score and what will do to your body at the time of cooking.

Now I’m wondering, either I’m manic (this is my 5 night in a row I’m full awake this early), the office’s new coffe is too strong (been skipping sleep since they changed the automatic machines) or is all that water I’m consuming (put a pitch of iced water next to my bed).