Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Would write this in big letters in my bathroom's mirror

Hope it works!


-Help Allis to complete the Segmentation project.
-Wrapup the Apple project
-Put up to day all extractions.
-Install Magento at Jessie’s website.
-Fix Edouard’s Forum
-Create a basic animation to put as hold for Rasputin’s site.
-Transfer money to Mom’s account
-Pay my bills
-Buy myself a gift
-Go to Edouard to check his hardrives.
-Discuss with Alberto the Marketing approach to his magazine.
-Return home to work on Jessie’s site.
-Play with the dogs.
-Go to sleep early.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


-Walk around my old town
-Take pictures of the new park
-Take a bus to Almirante
-Enjoy the view of the mountain crossing
-Take as much pics as I can
-Take a boat to the main island
-Have Fish/Coconut Rice/Fried Plantains/Icing glass (A beverage made of seagrass)
-Take pictures of Icing Glass for the facebook “Sabor PanameƱo” application
-See a nice rainstorm at the sea
-Enjoy quality time with Mom
-Locate Matias and other CSers in Bocas

Monday, September 22, 2008

Nothing compares to...

Walking barefeet over Mama Earth…

Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Me" Time

“Me” time for reading at leisure.
“Me” time to watch the rain fall.
“Me” time to write my friends overseas.
“Me” time to wander in a bookstore.
“Me” time to cook my favourite dishes.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Some specifics thanks to Wanderer and Sandy

1) Professional project finished.

2) My house decluttered and decorated!

3) Organize my studies.

4) Be happier in – or quit – my job(s).

5) Be say 14lbs lighter with a 6 pack and such

I'll dedicate 5 minutes daily to this...

It’s going to be also an exercise on discipline :)


It seems I’m able to “Stop” just for a few seconds, wondering if I’m manic. Anyways, at least I got to take the dogs to the vet, still have a pending list of stuff, what would be required to force myself to stop and reevaluate where I am and what I want to do, it’s always easier saying it to yourself than doing it, one rarely follows our own advise or others’s.

Remember that 43things 5 things to be grateful always made me stop and think and I miss that, I’ll add that goal again.

Moments ago found an interesting quote:

“The only obstacle is the distance between your ears”

Soooo truthful!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Prognatus creo...

Well, I finally put in order my desk, bought that Tiffany lamp I wanted and moved out of my room everything that could make me feel constrained.

The new version of java on Vista somehow wrecked my freemind installation and now I can update my ideas mindmap.

Is amazing how little stuff like that can keep you from doing.

I missed this semester registration for the master’s degree, so I’ve to wait, would push forward every day for the next 4 months to complete at least half of my ideas cloud after that, my whole focus would be on the degree.

I need to do this before my next existential crisis hit hehehe.

Friday, September 05, 2008


Four days of celebrating my birthday I spent 600 US. Amazing, I could’d travel to Caracas for a weekend with that amount and having a better used time instead of, well, basically, debauchery.


That feeling of everything going to fast for me to care, I thought I’d overcome it, when I tripped and felt into the maelstrom again, don’t know, but is way clear I’m willing or unwillingly, more willing I think, to put myself again in a path of self-destruction.

Best sign of this: this year five priorities, so important at the beginning of this year, now don’t induce the simplest emotional response.

Is stability deluding me into thinking everything is ok? while my mind blocks itself, the barely capability of rationality that I’m allowed to summon is not enough to make me react, shake, awake.

Is like being trapped in a dream, trying to awake myself but unable to do so, while danger looms closer and closer.

Maybe I’m down and I hadn’t notice, could be, wish I could just go away for a while, alone, to sit and ask freely and without fear of judgment, “Ken, what’s going on now?” and receive an answer.