Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Update Status

Up to date with all payments Zero Credit Cards. There’s a 218 showing up in my mortgage, seems is interest because a skipped payment from the office. Need to check that.

Never thought an open relationship would be this taxative, more if I find troublesome just to get laid when I’m emotionally involved with someone else.

Anyone can hear the word “stagnation” echoing around? Enjoy the job but is this what I want to be doing when I reach my 40ts?!!

-Alternate careers
Not even had done the required research.

I told myself I’ll marry before turning 36, that’s in two days!

Doing a lot lately

-Financial freedom
Doing a lot of freelance work.

There’s a lot of static in my mind lately

Monday, August 18, 2008


-Go for a night walk around the neighbourhood


My cleaning lady has been cleverly “hiding” all the clothes she “spoiled” by dropping Chlorine on them. Find out only because trying to locate a t-shirt I hadn’t see in ages, suddenly shirts, trousers, t-shirts, boxers, arghhhh!!!

Well, guess I’ll pack those and give them away, now I need to plan carefully what I need, well, what I really need to replace.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Well, at my current pace it would take me 130 years...but then...

Shot at the stars and you may well hit the moon…

3 months going ok

I’m thinking on automating the payments, been consistent by 3 months now!

Don't forget the milk

The new improved Remember the Milk has pretty nice features, an intuitive way of creating tasks and later I can sync them to my gmail calendar (and from there to every other calendar I own: Outlook, Plaxo,30Boxes, PocketPC).

Moving to Vista and being unable to sync my pocketPC was really disruptive. Hoping with this I’ll be back on track.

Got a new camera!!

I couldn’t wait until my birthday, an even wanting a SLR, found a cheaper point an shot camera that still allows me some freedom on the setup, a samsung s760. Been playing with it for a while, this weekend I plan going on to the city’s old quarter to snap some shots.