Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010 to everyone! Please be careful, don't drink and drive, don't use those awful plastic glasess, kiss a lot! :)

Interlude: I'm going to miss 2009, it's going to be registered in our records as a great vintage...Lots of good stuff...Happy 2010.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dear Body, when I would see the day I no longer need to alter your chemistry to make you work 25/7

Valera admits yesterday changes to Panama's constitution on january in Reelections? #Panama #WeaRef*ckd

Monday, December 28, 2009

Every paper that you read says tomorrow's your lucky day. Well here's your lucky day.

Be cautious. Allow for surprises. When we create, there are always other forces at work. F.H.

Or two centuries too soon...

We were born two centuries too late, our quarrels would'd been the stuff of legends, we are too volatile for our own good.

EU draft document on division of Jerusalem

Dear Universe, Lead me not into temptation but in case you do, deliver me from seizing the opportunity to do some tests.

Interlude: Wondering how a "supposed" "intellectual" exercise to map our moral boundaries ended being a field test run amok...Oops?

Interlude: I must prove to be worth of its affection? This human's ego is bigger than ours would be if we had one at all...Amusing toy.

When the days they seem to fall through you, well just let them go

Too much knowledge never makes for simple decisions...

Interlude: Damned if we do,...We're walking straight into a big unknown...Walking? Falling would be a better word.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

What a beautiful night, Orion hanging high in the eastern sky...It seems dry season is finally here.

Interlude: Head hurts...Sure, I bet you feel like this and and

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Buon Natale ....Amore Pace e Luce nei vostri cuori ♥
Joyeux Noël...... Paix Amour et Lumière dans vos coeur ♥

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Interlude: The Acheron's shores must be lovely tonight...I wouldn't mind dipping in Lethe's forgiving waters either...Wanna take a look?

Interlude: I really need to sleep, my face looks like one of Dr. Jaffe's plastic surgery patients...*cough*Brazil movie reference*cough*

But then that's my very personal interpretation of the play...

Interlude: Our wait reminds me of Beckett's play...Godot's?...Sort of...Who are we waiting for?...Only Godot is real.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Trying to get some rest...not really hard actually

Monday, December 21, 2009

Wondering what's wrong with assuming positive intent

People change constantly , it's just not always how we want them to change...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Interlude: Right now balancing between being a misanthropic hermit or a staunch extinctionist...A human pissed you off again?...Guess.

Interlude: We can be bitches and go to the movies anyways...I'll feel and your stupid sense of duty, we need to get rid of it.

Interlude: There goes our trip to the movies...Isn't he on holidays?!!, I've a life too...And don't get me started with the laundry again.

You forget this is Ken's house, if anything can be controlled remotely it will.

Goodbye little sunshine...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Note-to-self: Configure the lights of the bathroom and closet into the remote.

An elephant never puts the second foot down until the first one is solidly in place...

Get familiar with Augmented Reality

Develop my Christmas Cards on Augmented Reality

No matter how much you feed a wolf, an elephant still has bigger balls...

Interlude: De que te ríes?!...No one can't paint an elephant quite as good as you hahaha..One elephant?, it's already a whole herd hehehe.


Things to be Grateful today:

-My obsession with keeping all window open
-My body inability to remain unconscious for more than 2 hours on weekdays
-Be alive
-Making the last payment to my last credit card.

Finally, last payment. There goes my last credit card!!! Goal completed, next 43 thing goal: Live credit free for one year.


Interlude: We won't be able to do our errands again, should I remind how important is that...I warned you to hire an assistant.

Interlude: There goes another perfect saturday invested at work...Invested Dear? Wasted would be a better word...I was trying to be polite.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Planning tomorrow's grill...

If I ever turn God Emperor I wouldn't mind having my own army of female warriors too...

Nativitate Salvatoris Nostri Jesu Christi

That face is beautiful which, quite apart from its exterior, shines with the truth within the soul --Mahatma Gandhi

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Waiting for Mom to arrive, forgot to tell her I changed the main door's lock oops!!

Working....When Guillaume said this job was 25/7...Note-to-self: Remember you are DWH's only resource, act accordingly, be a bitch.

Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall. ~Larry Wilde

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

May they not find obstacles, nor things that may hit them. Grant them good roads, beautiful level roads ahead. Popol-Vuh

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Interlude: Ain't Hercules...Our Lernean Hydra has only 5 heads, Hercules's had 9...I've have only 5 hours to sunrise...1 head an hour.

Books taught me that one can learn. I'm saddened when I meet someone who believe they can't learn or believe learning to be difficult.

Interlude:So what was the reason behind emptying my adrenals?...I need you numb.

Dear Self, next time

Interlude: You are driving us towards full panic...Don't worry, I'm almost done.

Interlude: Why are we doing this again?...A lesson on fear...Oh I see.

Monday, December 14, 2009

No two trees are alike, but they all give shade.

You may not see a higher peak until you climb the peak in front of you.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Daily life has no Foreword or Afterword; only Contents

How to I want to be financially free by end of 2009

"An awesome year"

How I did it: -Put in order my debts.

-Refinanced my college loan and with that I closed one of my credit cards.
-Last month closed the second one.
-Next week I'll be closing the third one.

Only keeping my mortgage and my college loan that is almost paid up.

I'll start 2010 with less financial burdens so I can focus on my nest.

Lessons & tips: Get advantage of bounty time 

Pay yourself first

Resources: Internet

43thingers advice

It took me 1 year.

It made me Happy

Interlude: Everything carries a lesson...Yes, but sometimes you store them instead of apply them...Waterfalls...Falling can be beautiful.

For those who wait only for flowers to bloom, I wish I could show them the Spring grass in the snow of a mountain village.

Accept your feelings, know your purpose, do what needs to be done

Dear Friendster, Look what happens if you miss your window.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Interlude: Tomorrow would be the last day of the Oriental Express...Thierry...yes.

Next year I want a steampunk christmas tree...

Interlude: My Christmas tree looks too neo-victorian for its own sake...Gay you mean?...Ok, I was trying to be polite.

Interlude: You are a damn warmist...and you a denier pig...

RT @advenchirp: 3 mile run uphill in Boquete Panama - legs feeling it, but mind at ease.

Dear Universe, for Xmas I no longer wish planetwide disasters and anarchy, may I have an Emotive neuroheadset instead?

FB RT @Dawn Sarcasm Society quote "Just when you realised life is a bitch it goes and has puppies!" btw, Lupita has two beautiful pups today

Friday, December 11, 2009

Downside of playing "Secret Santa", I'm having an accute case of Hershey's hangover...

I'm not being cryptic, I'm being elliptical...

Interlude: Wondering what's right...A bird does not sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song...Can you be less cryptic?

Il me semble comprendre la raison d'un certain tweet de l'autre soir :-)

Mmmm, Cuando decía lo de los kleenex, no me refería a usarlo para las lágrimas…

Interlude: Did you find our moral compass?...No, must be in the same hiding place as my heart pieces and had those?..B*tch.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Today is thursday Dear, instrospection day.

Interlude:Downplaying your own strengths is not the same as to conceal your own strenghts...or lacking any

Interlude: Had you notice we've been listening to Clint Mansell all day...Illusion is not a viable business plan...

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I'm just trying to leave this world better than I found it the last time...

The Evolution of the Hipster 2000-2009

Anonymous donor feeds more than 1,000 *Note-to-self: Let's do this one day*

Dear Citi, yes, I actually want to cancel my credit card, yes, I'm sure, yes, I'm really really sure...

RT @wildfoods: ""Three o'clock is always too late or too early for anything you want to do""- Jean-Paul Sartre *Unless you are Ken*

Anger is something divine dear, to waste it on upgraded apes is well, that, a waste...

And Dad can't believe we want to live in Croatia...

Note-to-self: Next time you estimate you don't need a morning shave, let me remind you how fast it grows RRRRRR.

Interlude: Why are you so happy?...Tiesto?...Oh I see.

Interlude: We were supposed to use the French Toast file, not this one...Dear, tell me this is not a great way to wake up...Indeed.

Coffee machine out of service...I won't mind a 14hz sync right now...

I'm start to believe our weather is impersonating The Ambiguously Gay Duo. It cannot decide if it's rainy season or dry season or both.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

RT @Prensa "Ahora todo el mundo tiene una villa navideña: la Primera Dama...; Mayín Correa, en la Plaza Porras... Todos, menos Bosco."

Sancocho time...I'll be back soon.

Grandma's gift exchange just started...Benefits of having a big family :)

Monday, December 07, 2009

Interlude: Glad we are back to our former self...Are we?

Interlude: Just promise me one more thing..what?...Never ever apologize again to anyone...Deal

Every language impresses a certain world-view upon the mind. What are we missing by limiting ourselves to just one language?

Note-to-Self: Next time you have this dream, avoid falling into the sentient koi pond.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Why I suspect this would en on a self-destructive pattern of behaviour...

Interlude: That's a Djin I'd rather keep in its lamp unless absolutely necessary...What's the good behind the hoard if we can't use it.

Interlude:Numb switch off and I'm riding what looks like 94's tsunami...Well, you know how to turn it on...A matter of lesser evils isnt'?

Dear Coffe, make me wonderful.

Thanks the gods of unix for that little devil called tr

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Interlude: I'm fed up with D...I gave up months ago Dear, as they say: Hay casas más adelante, keep walking.

Interlude: Exactly darling, we are not the historical one...yet.






RT @zsolt_maslanyi: got a Haircut in Panama! there are soccer posters, you just point to a guy on it and say "I wanna' look like this"

Si Uribe es candidato, no habrá garantías para sus competidores

Panamanians have the overseas reputation of being like the sea in love affairs, must be having the pacific and the caribbean minutes away

@luisvj We're having El niño this year, the weather would be all messed up.

Learn how the Kuna of Panama are protecting their land and culture through maps

RT @DinoraPLopez: Bueno, a celebrar los 40 años del Conteo Navideño de Aves/Panamá 2009

RT @CulturaBurgues: open a restaurant in Panama , not an easy task but it comes with a lot of fun

Ni a balazos Chavez iba a dar mas de 3000$ ... ahora quiero ver a los venezolanos en panama con 500$ ... ni para el taxi

After all the thousand times I’ve told you I love you, how could you let one word break your faith in me?

Interlude: The hurt on that face when you showed up was obvious...I'm numb, I'm unable to care even wanting to, really bad timing for both.

Dear Google, my browser has MPS that then to wander around the globe, get over it...stop asking me why I'm login from Ukraine then Sweeden.

Dear triple double espresso: Make me wonderful, perfect mind, perfect soul...a perfect shaky Überproductive guy

Monday, November 30, 2009

Head up young person.

I want to look at you and not feel so hurt by you

One shouldn't be too hard on oneself when the object of one's affection returns the favor with rather less enthusiasm than one's hoped.

You have to pick one person and make it work.

Don't fix your life so that you are left alone right when you come to the middle of it.

Walking to El Comelon for some Borsch...I'm starving.

I'm hungry :( Wondering if...


Playing with the furkids

Ain't worried about the equation as it stands...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Off to see the Twilight thing, hope is not like the first one, Me surrounded by scores of screaming teenagers...

FB RT@Paulo Coelho Aproveite ao máximo a vida. Você não sairá vivo dela.

@emcglone_loan Sometimes Democracy must be fooled in order to keep it. USA restarted ours with a fake presidency! it worked, so far.

Dear Head, I got the message, no need to send me crawling in pain when I think of doing some extra work instead of leaving...

Some men are remembered for their greatness, some for their evil, and some are remembered for that one fantastic failure. Some, not all.

Dear Head stop hurting, I know you rather be enjoying your day off instead of working but see the bright side..ok, there's no bright side.

When it comes to making data sexy, you can't be too graphic...

Just read on a tourist pict: "Private beach in the Panama's Pacific" Sad isn't. The new off limits Canal zone would be our beaches & Islands

RT @luisyum: Weather in Panama City, Panama: Rain | 25° C

Twitter chattering about Reynolds's "House of Suns" is so great I want to read it NOW. NOW. NOW. NOW. I WANT IT I WANT IT

Panama had been criticized by the State Department on human rights.. En buen panameño: Olla le dice a Paila

Paradox is a pointer telling you to look beyond it

Barring from my mind all remembrance of what I’ve seen, looking for what has never been

RT @exposedplanet: @MadHeadCyclist Panama is yet hard to describe. Not as flat as billed, friendly people, hot as hell, insane rains.

RT @exposedplanet: Cycled across the Bridge of the Americas, now resting in Panama City. I think technically we crossed into South America

Los Boliburgueses y Vendepatrias afines, son tan HDP que todo lo que roban lo llevan a Panama, no lo invierten en VZLA.

RT @INFORMECIFRAS: En la mira Operador Bancario de la Familia Rangel Avalos.. Negocios en Panamá son seguidos por la DEA.

Happily ever after si so once upon a time...@Work

Interlude: There are infinite number of paths to God, interesting premise...Assuming everything starts and ends in him, it's obvious isn't?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Back from the night...

Interlude: That was close, I thought you wouldn't be able to pull it off...Did my part, do yours now, this is getting repetitive...Yes sir.

Just yesterday I was trying to fit a tiny cowboy hat on a distinctly unimpressed goldfish and I suddenly thought of our first date...

What a wonderful day to work...

Interlude: Smart woman, deduced I'm the third...I told her she was imagining things, giving form to behaviour...Thanks for the deference!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Interlude: Someone just told me I'm insensitive, disdainful, arrogant and ruthless...But that's me not you...RRRRRRR

Children should be allowed to play in the dirt, new research suggests

Dear, you are more lost than the cast of Lost on Lost island who had gotten lost in the jungle and also lost in time...

Interlude: The most intense moments the universe has ever known are the next 15 see.

Interlude: He's the amalgam of God and chess pieces...Not God, maybe a lesser deity...hehehe.

Interlude: unbelievable!!!...Dear, anything becomes believable after the lapse of six million years...Should that statement be of comfort?

RT @Panama_Guide: Strange Fish With Feet Caught in Panama: A strange fish with a nose, teeth and legs

2nd Annual Pulli. This year's route: Bennigan's, Decapolis, Rasputin, Londoner, Sahara & People Wear black! #Panama #Pulli

You turn me on as few garden variety humans do...And I'm still trying to figure out why

Thursday, November 26, 2009

You light my world like a Yerkes Luminosity Class I-A supergiant...

What exactly qualifies as "intimate"??

FB RT Nana Awere Damoah "The bird must fly, or starve." Akan proverb

If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can't buy...

black dog syndrome : In an animal shelter, the tendency for dark-coated dogs to be passed over for adoption in favor of lighter colored dogs

@panamajoules I always associate Perl with dungeons, probably the long nights working on the black background of a shell vi session.

Interlude: So emotional this human...Still it may be a good companion...You'll run out of your proverbial patience

Interlude: Feeded enough Dear?...More than enough.

Interlude:Sometimes I wonder if you are half-demon on your father's side...I'm salivating did you noticed?...yes, and tumescent too.

Interlude:Are you actually carrying a discussion over BB messenger?...Yes...It's wise?...It's fun, C can't rely on drama using text hehehe.

I'd rather work with dark magic, evil-looking sacrificial knives and scantily clad virgins under pale moonlight instead of Perl, but then...

Your choice has proven to be quite full of shortcomings, handicaps that may slow us down. yet, who I'm to judge?

Interlude: We can always start anew...What's with humans and "reinventing" themselves, I bet you were raised using Microsoft OS...Indeed.

you're so beautiful
You're like no one on Earth could be

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Inu ni shika kikoenai chakushinon

There's something eerie disturbing about late night rainstorms triggering a crave for Alastair Reynold's revelation space novels...

RT @KseniaSukhinova: 2nd Panama, 3rd, Scotland, 4th France & 5th Bolivia

RT @gfalken: Soberano #palodeagua en Ciudad del Saber #Panama Dioosssss!!!

RT @RMingorance: At a dept store called Saks here in panama. The prices are unbelievable!

Aptana rocks...

I warned you to either make your choice or expect a choice being made for you

Interlude:Had I told you lately that I love you?...This morning

Interlude: Wonder when we'll get the sms server details...We're in the same network segment Dear, do we need them to tell us?...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The dust of many crumbled cities
settles over us like a forgetful doze,
but we are older than those cities.

I see so deeply within myself. Not needing my eyes, Why would I want to bother my eyes again
Now that I see the world through His eyes?

O traveler, if you are in search of That
Don't look outside, look inside yourself and seek That.

Financial terms make more sense in english than their spanish counterparts...

Lovers don't finally meet somewhere,
they're in each other all along.

Interlude:Darling where's the SD?...What SD?...THAT SD...Oh, THAT, in a safe place...a safe place you can't remember right?...:(

Interlude: Did we actually broke with someone trough a facebook message?!...We were just fuckbuddies, that doesn't qualify as a breakup.

Just read somewhere: "Everybody knows Brits excel at queuing, but eroticism?" Hey! This is the culture that produced Lady Chatterley's Lover

Our professor just put ABBA's Super Trooper in the class intermission...


Interlude: breath. relax. safe...Dear, we are in the middle of a Financial Assessment class can you keep your new age thingy for later...

Interlude:Shift away from outer-world concerns and back to our inner-world needs, fix things here and you'll fix things out there...

As I said, it makes everyone else pretty redundant. It has its obvious benefits, it has its obvious handicaps.

Vivimi senza paura Che sia una vita o che sia un´ora
Non lasciare libero o disperso Questo mio spazio adesso aperto ti prego

Monday, November 23, 2009

Texting a fool

Both are unperfect, together they may comply...

Interlude:When we'll be ready to speak about that big pink elephant in our midst?...One elephant? Surely you've missed the other three Dear.

Caveat, self-contained people are a treasure trove of great moments, but in the love department, well, to them everyone else is redundant.

Only the memory of you sleeping at my side can make my mondays bearable...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Puzzles have a strange quality, they break reality in pieces so we can put it back...who says there's no wisdom in simple games

Feels great being able to work from anywhere again...Every cloud in the sky every place that I hide tell me that I was wrong to let you go.

What senses do we lack that we cannot see and cannot hear another world all around us?

Any road followed precisely to its end leads precisely nowhere. There are answers not worth seeking.

Interlude:so?..There are answers we better don't seek..I suspect we know, but deep within, we hope otherwise.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Wondering who's pulling the strings...

Interlude: Wondering if this breakup was planned all along...Our subconscious acts in mysterious ways Dear, trust its wisdom.

Interlude: I'm a big piece of manure..I know, you may apologize, people seems to put value on it..I'm a big piece of excreta..Oh Dear.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

RT @AldousHxly A Man's memory is his private literature.

Interlude: An intellectual is a person who has discovered something more interesting than sex...Until we happen to them.

Meteor going kaboom over city caught in camera ...

@juliejordanscot Without internet access at home and a lot of friends visiting lately but I try to read 43thingers posts everyday :)

Day 3 of the Panama Anphib. Rescue team collecting *cough*plundering*cough* endangered *cough*prized*cough* species in Panama.

A competition to design the new Panama Metro logo, won by the principal of the agency that handled the winning electoral campaign. Mmm.

Until I mentioned "Account audit", "CEO" and "written letter requesting" in the same sentence.

Dear Movistar, I can't believe you were unable to give me a detail of my monthly consumption for the last 12 months

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Monday, November 16, 2009

RT @CoolPanama: Scottish Spirits Ltd is Named New Global Distributor for Stolichnaya and Moskovskaya brand Vodkas

El teatro no es el mejor ni el peor de los negocios

Dear 43things, facebook, tweeter, 1st companion, new prospects; sorry for neglecting you. spending time with 2nd companion. Forgive me?

RT @halifaxBank: O'Brien's Digicel sees profit jump
Irish Business Forum

RT @hikingbackpack: Backpackers Pave the Way for a Wide Variety of Tourists to Flock

RT @criticapa: En Panamá se hace cada vez más guaro y cerveza.

RT @DionisioGuerra: Cable Onda y Telecarrier se fusionan, me acaba de llegar el comunicado oficial #Panama

RT @ijnetspanish: ICFJ busca periodista de investigación para gestionar proyecto en Panamá

Love is: Taking a slight detour ( just a couple of hundreds of miles) to spent an evening together

Any path that narrows future possibilities may become a lethal trap.

Interlude: Weren't we supposed not to give them wings?...I didn't give them wings...True, my mistake Dear, Damn jetpacks you gave them.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yes and it never rains around here
it just comes pouring down

Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else

Rain, feel it on my finger tips
Hear it on my window pane
Your love's coming down like

This is the graph the record industry doesn’t want you to see.

The Vector art of Svetlana Makarova

Here comes the rain again, raining in my head like a tragedy, tearing me apart like a new emotion

Overcasted day at the office...perceived fluorescent light at 40%. Eyes are exhausted...Listening to Imperial Teen catchy tunes..

RT @timoreilly: Definitely news from a science-fiction future: The Mass Production of Living Tissue

What a great day at the office: No clouds, fluorescent lights at 100%, weather is cool with no forecasted drops dripping from the ceiling.

Friday, November 13, 2009

RT @BreakingNews: Chinese health ministry statement: Experts say the death of one was unrelated to the H1N1 vaccine (and the rest?)

Most of the times one doesn't find the truths one is seeking but stumbles upon them when one is not looking.

Interlude: The question of who we are is a seed that can bear much fruit...I thought we already stumbled upon the answer to that question.

Jdeveloper rocks...should start using it instead of Toad...

RT @Andrew9knc: e-Democracy in Panama

@Office, enjoying the silence, just the usual suspects working late...

Just read on Twitter: Malditos ladrondes hijos de sesenta mil putas. que coleraaa .. (@Rafapadilla)

New haircut, feeling out of the 70's into the 90's...She said "Yoo hoo?!" I hoo I hoo I hoo I hoo

RT @feebs2: Panama: The Future Hong Kong of Latin America? - another country to watch

RT @grist: amazing that glaciers melting in N Atlantic could affect rice harvest in Asia (sea level rise). climate affects markets

How-to Sync Google Calendar with Your Blackberry

Dear Google, thanks for Google sync. Outlook->Plaxo->Gmail->Google sync->Blackberry

Dear Plaxo, when I'll be able to sync with my blackberry? :(

RT @papitosplace: Va. man pleads guilty to Panama bribes. PECC. #Panama #Bribes

It's totally untrue women's assertion that all men are equal. I'm from Chiriqui, and we are far better.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Well, just stumbled into my final exam! Oops! it was today?! anyways, thanks for all the training on solving problems, any kind of problems.

Dear Universe, thanks, really, thanks for being the way I am...

Dear self-righteous co-worker, Do not overrate your judgment, the Universe enjoys doing pranks on people like you.

I guess the Cullens just moved here. There's no sun here in Panama anymore!!

In Data we lust...

RT @ecopolitologist: REPORT: IEA hiding truth about dwindling oil reserves

Mulino is to "There won't be US bases in Panamanian Soil" as Clinton is to "I hadn't had sex with Monica's Oral sex is not sex" #Semantics

RT @pmarin: Diluvio del fin del mundo en Panama... El canal se va a llenar rápido...

T-3 days to next unknown, can't brush it off my awareness...Bet a siren's call feels just like this.

Dear Saénz-Llorens and Mulino tks for the legacy of poverty,despair,unrest,crime and disease you gave us. Cheers, Panama's future poors.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

RT @wiredscience: You know that old book smell? It can tell you what state the paper is in and how to preserve it:

My submission to the Layar Augmentated Reality competition: Panama's travelers graffiti

As we’re liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.
-Marianne Williamson – A Return to Love

Update 2009 november 11

2. What am I resisting?
Last year: Choices, choices on people, on love, on profession, on familly on myself
Today satus: Sorted out most of the choices that scared me. Now I’m just with one left, a choice of partner.
3. What did I do well?
Last year: Work
Today status: Put in order my life one day at a time.
4. What can I do better?
Last year: Persistence
Today status: Productivity at work. Demand more and deliver more.
5. Were you the person you want to be during the past year?
Last year: Sometimes yes, sometimes no
Today status: Yes.
6. Did I get closer to achieving my short, medium, and long-term goals?
Last year:
Short: Achieved
Medium: Somewhere mid february the events I put in motion past year would reach it intended conclusion.
Long term: I’m still aiming for the godhead.

Today Status:
Short: Working on it.
Medium: Attained
Long term: I’m still aiming for the godhead.
7. What am I grateful for?
Last year: One of the most challenging years I’d had, friends, 43things

Today status: Being loved for two wonderful humans, the closer relationship with mother, new and old friends showing up, facebook and twitter, new job, more time to unravel myself, challenging stuff ahead.

Today Status:

USD $300

This is the amount of “payment” I’ll be doing to my “Savings-account-impersonating-a-mini-mortgage” twice a month.

Hope I can go trough.

RT @TelegraphMG: A still lower dollar could be good for the world.

Note-to-self: Remember to pickup Ticiano at the airport.

The dam that brought down a king #Naso #Panama

Back from lunch...

RT @apoklipsys: No hay pasajes ni para miami ni para panama.. Es que es entendible.. Todo mundo se quiere ir de esta vaina!! #Venezuela

RT @freebalance: Panama has saved 53M Balboas because of e-GP system based on bid costs *And spent 21 Million on government marketing*

RT @vemrion: Here's a list of the tunes used against Manuel Noriega in Panama: Check out #17.

Bringing back the bilby

Dear, I'm not that old to require a trophy wife, I'm still in the pre-trophy market.

@Lunch...or at least trying...

Esquire’s Augmented Reality Issue Hits Newstands Not yet entoptics but getting there...

Google Introduces Fast Flip to ease news browsing *AWESOME* *PRODUCTIVITYSINK*

Cute factor: Dogs doing yoga. #Yoga #Dogs

Images of the New Sauropodomorph

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

15 minutes later, able to complete the sql sentence I want to run, blood pressure hadn't rise! I'm on my way to reach enlightenment...

Digicel's wireless is in itself an exercise in Zazen...ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Great, a casualty...nothing like a failed load to put lack of proper sleep in due perspective hehehe.

Time to check office's extractors...

Monday, November 09, 2009

RT @anillosolidario: El Gobierno se aleja de sus promesas electorales #Panama

Google maps meets high school physics - ocean wave interference patterns at Panama Canal entrance. Cool!

RT @NatGeoSociety: National Geographic Expeditions has a webinar tonight on Costa Rica and Panama

RT @Panama_Guide: Panama Debt Rating Outlook Raised to Positive by S&P.

IPCC is having a meeting here?! Woot! #Panama #ClimateChange

Weird, why he doesn't do the same for every accusation used on elections time?

Javascript passé? look again.. Chrome's JavaScript poses challenge to Silverlight

Interesting weekend project, so every neighbour can build and connect one to the net to feed twitter in realtime.

Why Google released Closure Tools? v

Interlude: Fear?!...not fear, it is...Ken, relationship and monogamy in the same sentence,makes you cringe isn't?'ve no idea.

What makes a good boss?

Grand-aunt Digna and my grand-grand mother Mamita did it for me that one time Death paid me an unsolicited visit.

Interlude: T minus 5 Dear...I know...There's no way you can develop a new persona in so little time...Watch me.

Well, surveillance cams make my inner libertarian cringe, but it's public space, I can live with it, but @home?!, that's another issue.

RT @z_montenegro: The Amazing Race muestra este domingo a Panamá #Panama

Panama's National Parade @L.A.

This year national feast days have me all off/work/day off/work/day off/work...

RT @CoolPanama: Metallica in Panama March 8th #Panama

On this day in 1906 Teddy Roosevelt became the 1st US President to leave the country while in office when he traveled to the Panama Canal.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Finally leaving...

I had a fool's confidence the world had no boundaries But instincts and common sense come in different quantities..

Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones and I will try to fix you...

Note-to-Self: Next time don't be so generous adding chiles to the soup.

Sunny morning...processing my to_read_later bookmarks backlog...

La última vez que vi "Vallarino" y "Modificación al Código Fiscal" juntos fue para la aprobación de la "Ley Banistmo"...oops!

It would be sadly ironic if he was shot because of the arab garb he was wearing...

Just read Mulino doesn't believe in the "romanticism" of resocialization, he used to wear a moustache for God's sake!!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Clear blue skies over an indolent ponto, blooming red roses listening music from a future that never was. Me without you.

Dear Self, thanks for investing on that 6 hour laptop battery, now if only you could manage to get Movistar to solve the 3G wireless issue..

RT @holeinhiseye: Sharp rise in number of cyclists killed on roads

RT @gkofiannan: Africa's urban farmers. Drive to encourage absentee agriculture by African city-dwellers - Guardian

Doing Decluttering Life tasks...Listening a mashup of "The Secret", "Getting Things Done" and Ravi Shankar's as soundtrack.

Don't ask God to ease your load, ask him for a stronger back.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A new variety of the male species: the 'metrotextual'

Biggest case for Italy or the 'greatest travesty' ever? #Knox

50% Chance of having a Tropical Cyclone at the atlantic side of Panama

50% chance of a tropical cyclone during the next 48 hours beware Bocas/Chiriqui/Atlantic region #Panama #Warnings

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Back home. Dear Universe, thanks for the sudden flash of awareness, the enchanting evening with M, cobalt blue and that unexpected call.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Clearing oasis trees doomed the Nazca civilization...New Orleans could'd learnt from that

RT @nytimesscience: Personal Health: A Breathing Technique Offers Help for People With Asthma

Wondering if the iphone would be the new kindle, it seems people is discovering you don't need a gadget when software does it just right.

"Be their favourite" started again. I'll have 3+ Digicel cellphones a week to give away for free, who needs one? Coral 200, 620 & Nokia 2680

Panamá instalará bases para combatir narcotráfico: #latinoamerica *guess who'll be stationed there btw*

RT @LordTennyson I am a part of all that I have met.

Friday, October 30, 2009

10 Horror Films You Can Watch For Free Online This Halloween

Mark Beaumont is cyclying trough Panama btw

Age of free banking draws to a close *Plus earnings from the ways they use our money for*

Judging by every metric, drug decriminalization in Portugal has been a resounding success

RT @CoolPanama: Panameños recibieron agua sucia por un descuido: HORA CERO.

RT @softballstudio: Panama and Costa Rica 2009 - The ending of a wonderful era

RT @Panama_Guide: IDAAN Says Don't Drink The Water in Panama City:

I bet the government would use whatever happened to the pipes as an excuse to privatize the IDAAN...

Don't drink the water of Panama city today! There's something in the water.

Anota ahi para cualquier vaina el PIN de Hugo Chavez H1J0D3PU7A....

A tourist is someone who thinks about going home the moment they arrive, whereas a traveler might not come back at all...


RT @cyclingamericas: Ngobe-Bugle Indians and

RIA Novosti - Politik - International - USA planen Einrichtung von zwei Flottenbasen in Panama: via #Panama

The gravy train is cancelled

RT @serrynaimo: Tomorrow is Zombie Walk in Panama-City! Here is a nice website from the Toronto Walk with makeup guidelines #fb

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Experience says that my version of "Everlasting love" last three months max...So I've been in love with you 16 consecutive eternities!! :*

Often people that claims to have a clean conscience in fact just suffer from seasonal selective amnesia.

Interlude:What if I do the backend in Php and the frontend in Flex?...Blackberry access?...RRRRR.

Blog advice for photographers. Good.

RT @JoeGigantino: When you assume that something will be negative, it will be.

If Life is giving you lemmons, ask for Salt and Tequila.

If you are in need of a helping hand...You'll find one at the end of your arm.

RT @Panama_Guide: Gang Wars In The Interior of Panama

I'm jumping to conclusions or since Martinelli's took office our police feels more bold to do as they please? Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

A caribbean coleague was shot after leaving the police station where he was taken for not carrying his passport on. #DontVisitPanama

Future certainly looks bright *I'm being cynic btw* #Panama

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Preparing dinner...Oops! it's almost 1:00am. Well, preparing early breakfast hehehe.

If Net Neutrality disappears, this is what the web might look like:

Internet access a human right

Why Americans Stopped Believing in Global Warming

Monsters and the Moral Imagination

CommArts' Novela Grafica won an honorable mention award at the Latin
American ICSC conference in Panama this week....

Oiga joven -dijo Jorge Luis Borges- ¿no sabe usted que los caballeros sólo defendemos causas perdidas?

@Christa Black, the only reason I would stand a Jonas Brother's concert

Miss Reef today at 7:00pm @Hooters #panama

RT @itschristablack: - Panama City, i am OK with this view.

RT @alank73: I found out that having a DSRL camera and lenses in Panama is a challenge with the 110% humidity level.

RT @Panama_Guide: Flash - Punta Pacifica Hospital No Longer Accepts TRICARE: By DON WINNER for

No más garzas en el Palacio de las Garzas!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

RT @sandritagg: Venezuela mandó los Mirage 50. Se encuentran en Panamá esperando el permiso para ingresar a colombia.

RT @PanamaTweet: temp is heating up over the proposed law 71 land ownership coasts. the slience of Pres Martinelli - US Embassy involved

Numbers show that more police alone does not reduce crime at all. Nor keeping the population under curfew as they're planning now.

Panama has only 8 judges for every 100,000 citizens. Yet our government recruits even more police, not more judges. Clogged system anyone?

Panama has 500 policemen per 100,000 citizens. That's more than the US (326), Costa Rica (465) and Colombia (215). *Por el gusto*

The scottish screen archives, footage restored from the 1900 on!

West mulls Iran 'change of heart' ...coincidentally with some nuclear scientists "vanishings"

One can’t be too careful; one has to test for every possibility.

Beware, you can also be known by deception: enough lies would expose the shape of the truth being concealed. Truth would serve you better.

R@comashey Now that I see the Ares those pulp magazine covers from the 40's and 50's make all the sense...

Australians studying new laws banning further development in coastal regions... #GlobalWarming

Mmmm, bet the scientists in charge of this research are either Amish or else

Why men should pair off with younger women, Dude, I love science...

Monday, October 26, 2009

RT @prensacom: Cierran vía que va hacia cerro Patacón tras accidente #panama

Listen that storm...awesome.

Taylor once dreamt a solution to non-fission triggering of fusion reactions, never told anyone for fear of the implications...only time.

Note-to-self: Install a cam at home so I won't miss the power of thunderstorms like this one while at the office.

Artificial Intelligence Diagnoses Abuse

Interlude: They still can't find the issue...Guess is a case of adapt to what we know instead of we adapt to what you need...don't be cynic.

Interlude: We need closure Dear, mom is not going to like a 2x3 meter mural of an angel in our wall...I couldn't sleep, I'll clean it up.

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: 'What! You, too? Thought I was the only one'.
RT @C.S. Lewis

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Et huic pollicemur amorem mulierum, florem virginum, decus monacharum, honores, voluptates et opes. Fornicabitur triduo... Where do I sign?

Thraupis Episcopus....#Panama #birdwatching

Finally I learnt the name of that damn bird: Tyrannus Melancholicus #Panama #Birdwatching

Things to keep in the notebook: Lists, form, colour, patterns, behaviour, sketches, songs.

Using ipods as bait to attract birds...Bet Steve Jobs never tought of that... #Panama #Birdwatching

In the tropics the most important is to have a waterproof binocular. #Panama #Birdwatching

The Audubon Panama Society started as a chapter of the American Audubon Society #Panama #Birdwatching

Vaquero gigante is a talingo yeye...hahaha #Panama #Birdwatching

Guácharo bheaves like a bat, but it's a bird. Use ecolocation and live in caves...

Tomorrow 6:00am Audubon's birdwatching tour at summit park.

Chiriqui region has one of the major worldwide concentration of endemic birds, 55 in total. #Panama #Birdwatching

The first Panama´s bird guide book was published on 1976. #Panama #Birdwatching

Panama has 978 bird species, 88 regions, 5 endemic regions, 12 national endemic species and near 400 species around the Panama Canal area.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Felix in terra hominum...

Listening two loved artists sing my favourite italian song together, Tiziano Ferro & Laura Pausini's Non me lo so spiegare..I can die now.


I'm running out of excuses against the Μνηστῆρες

Tks God I live in a 10th floor...

Obama: the nation that wins competition on new energy will lead the global economy. "And I want America to be that nation."

Recent X-ray and microscopic study of samples has supported the theory that the pyramids are made of artificial stone...

One can't see cleary if one's view is clouded by fear. seek the answer to the question what do you want asking first what do you fear.

If i just lay here will you lie with me and just forget the world...

All that i am all that i ever was is here in your perfect eyes they're all i can see...

I need your grace to remind me to find my own...

The message sometimes is just the envelop, look again.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The first ten million years were the worst. And the second ten million years, they were the worst too.

Having a bad case of postpartum depression in the male of the species...

Like Nick Griffin's tie #BNP

It's easy, since the majority gets married I bet we all end choosing the steady and caring option versus the mercurial passionated one.

There's a girl with what I'd call unresolved issues...Reminds me an early us...Suppresed instincts held together with spit and coffee?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

People never really look at things...They glance.

Worrying about our omniscient government eavesdropping on that political meeting? get a Blackberry...

I can't take my eyes off you...

I love this one...

Mel's ideological "Thicket" #Honduras

RT @CarolinaRomani: Getting It Wrong: Surprising Tips on How to Learn: Scientific American

The real measure of your wealth is how much you'd be worth if you lost all your money. - adage

No one gossips about other people's secret virtues - Bertrand Russell (That's not entirely true, guess Russell didn't hang out with women)

Big TELCOs such as Bell and Rogers can interfere with internet traffic only as a last resort. Define "Last Resort"

Are you where your heart is?

The desire for an aquatic life...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quod erat ab initio...

Unrequited love, the door of possibilities that would never come to fruition....

I love you too...thanks for the song, I loved it.

Had you noticed how the heart tends to refute and win over any argument the mind manage to put trough?

Cracking an incident at the DWH, Unix shell & von Bingen songs add a dark gothic ambience to using the command line...

It's amazing how easily we cross over others lines but can't seem to cross our own.

Monday, October 19, 2009

RT @rhh: Car thefts hit 20-yr low (because more people are sleeping in them) (via @BorowitzReport)

Modern man: The sorriest cohort of masculine Homo sapiens to ever walk the planet

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oracle spatial rocks...uploading Panama's GIS data...


Interlude: This spot is too distracting to get some work done...Yeah...Humans are very beautiful when they walk alone with their thoughts.

Note-to-self: Argentinian women are a different beast, add talent, looks, two Ph.d.s and being the lead singer on a 80's rock band...ARGHHH

Interlude: Stop flirting...That wasn't a flirt, that was a true compliment, she's too gorgeous to be working at a Dunkin...

Back from work..Weather is just right...

@Pure Lounge


Actually I drink malibu and coke because a very dear friend.


Friday, October 16, 2009

RT @GuyKawasaki: 40 years of Monty Python

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Interlude: The Taliban are approaching the nuclear centers of Pakistan...Ironic isn't...Dangerous yes, ironic not yet.

Artic ice is gone...No boats no more no more...Our grand Canal now is a Zonian theme park...No boats no more... Expansion blues

Interlude: Mmmm mostly women...You'll need my services dear, Don Luigi's pet?...Indulge me

Interlude: Yummy...stop it, you look like you in a candy bar..

CR day 2: 220+110+20

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Witching hour shopping...

Interlude: Why so squishy?...certain foreign accents...

There's a semaphore outside my street...When they put that there?!

Caloric Restriction Day 1: -2100

RT @Panama_Guide: Panama News - Firefighters come together to rescue brethren in Panama: Murphy (retired), who was a..

RT @firetown: "Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within." James Baldwin

RT @MRPaulSimon: Never mistake activity for achievement.
John Wooden-RT

Rapid Miner excellent Open source data mining environment

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Interlude: Thurisaz, interesting choice...

Interlude: You're walking us straight into Acheron...Don't worry, I'll be your Charon...Why are we doing this?...because we can.

Tor rules...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Interlude: Helvetica based designs arouse me so much I wonder why I hadn't date a graphic designer yet...errr, actually we did...Mmmm yes.

Just remember, if you are ever in doubt, more vodka usually solves the problems.
The Butterfly

Earth, mankind only known reservoir stands like a cosmic sitting duck while governments ponder if space's worth the $$.

Nessie probably choked on golf balls... #Nessie #Golf

Interlude: Hope is a drug....Ain't being hopeful, I'd "help" fate enough...Help or tweak?...You don't tweak fate, you tweak people.

Marital affairs 2.0

Interlude: What about "Ani L'dodi V' dodi Li"....Nope, too erotic, better something like "You're stuck with me now"..."Nonrefundable"?

Interlude: I still can't understand your reticence to use Rails...Our hosting provider doesn't support it...Pussy.

Interlude: Wondering where's my patience...In the same place where the others forgot their politeness.

Interlude: I believe the source of our migraines to be dealing with humans that behave like upgraded apes...Dear, they are upgraded apes.

Bear patiently, my heart - for you have suffered heavier things.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Government giving away a million a day in its first 100 days through direct contracts to whom? we'll learn the ugly truths after 5 years.

Now that Obama won the Nobel, I wonder if our local variety would add it to his "Head of State for dummies" things to do checklist.

Reading "Data Mining Cookbook: Modeling Data for Marketing, Risk and Customer Relationship Management"..And I thought the DSM IV interesting

Interlude: Sure it's of concern for all involved, how can we be sure now of anything...Well, we'll need another layer.

Martinelli said to the UN he's declaring a war on drugs and we can't even safeguard our own streets...Love his priorities.

RT: Lovely sunset appearing over the Liffey at the moment.

Sometimes it is easier to see what has gone wrong than to explain how to do something right.

USA bombs the moon, thanks god, the yanks are moving off planet, I was so worried I wouldn't be able to get a Big Mac on the moon!

Just read on Twitter: "You may have won the war, but you haven't won the battle." - my wife and kids

Some people have too much idle time... Anti-prostitution group seeks to stop Gabriel García Márquez movie.

Happy Bday Jhon... #Lennon

Interlude: Had U notice when we R doing wht we rlly luv 2 we seem 2 have an infinite supply of energy available?..Yes, it's called Redbull.

Note-to-Self: There's no way to easily manipulate the books I'm reading on the computer. Need a bookshelf software.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Martinelli defiende su plan de trabajo Seguro que es igualito al de Obama. btw, que ha hecho Obama? ...

Interlude: Why Badiou, why not Heidegger?...We only have Merlot at home, Badiou goes well with Merlot, both are more approachable.

Interlude: Feeling particulary aroused, what about you, me, some wine an a third party?...Heidegger or Badiou?...Badiou.