Thursday, June 28, 2007


1. Family.
2. Friends.
3. An unexpected hug and kiss from someone I love secretly.
4. Reading Starship Titanic.
5. Being able to feel brokenhearted.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Today's entry

1. For being alive
2. For being able to listen the birds sing this morning.
3. For being able to see the clouds drift among the mountain top
4. For being able to feel the heat of the sun and the cold of the mountain breeze on my skin.
5. For being able to understand I should be grateful for what I take for granted.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Grateful for whatever it was...

I woke up this morning and went to the kitchen for a glass of water, and then it hit me, or more exactly, poured over me, I felt loved beyond anything, love poured literally over me, as Zeus should have poured over Danae, however it wasn’t sexual at all, it was more like I imagen Caritas (God’s love) to be, I was so extatic tears start running over my cheeks, it got so intense I was afraid I’ll get lost on it and fade away, unlike the oneness I feel with meditating, it was one on one, whatever the other “one” was.

My theory is since I was just awoke and way out tired of working late my brain just played me a trick since I was meditating on love the day before. But what a trick :P


Meeting new people always terrify me, now, asking a stranger to host me for a couple of days in a place far away from home, well, I hadn’t done that before, so, why not, that’s what facing fears is about right?

I’m writting this from a small bedroom at Dave’s house, outside you can hear the bird sings and the insects doing their mating calls, stoped raining a couple of minutes ago, I’m at El Valle, an old volcano caldera (the Valley is actually the volcano’s caldera) in Cocle, Panama.

Dave loaned me his bike and I went for a tour of the town, rain got me in my way, I was soaked, but God it felt good, the rain was cool, not cold, I ended having lunch at a small restaurant called “NiƱa Delia”, seafood pasta and white wine, it was good and cheap, actually there were more seafood than pasta. At the market in the center of the town I bought a quartz laced in leather, I like it and bought it, tought I’m unsure who I’m going to give it, also asorted local treats I hadn’t seen since childhood and some bracelets with the panamenian flag to give as gifts to my guests back at home.

I guess I can write off this fear. :-)

Friday, June 15, 2007


When I wake up this morning to let the dogs out I found my marigold had blossomed, that put a big smile in my face that has lasted trought the day.

My 5 things...

1. I was able to do work together with my best friend as a team, and this endeavour would be basically our first business venture together.

2. I got to see a re-run of V, I love that movie.

3. Today my marigolds blossomed, the oregano is growing and the rosemary tasted soo good.

4. That feeling of joy that permeates everything I do.

5. I miscalculated and hadn’t enough money to going to work, then Cindy came back early because she forgot something and was able to loan me for the taxi, when I went downstairs Mimi called that she was going to my place and Omar called to see if I needed a lift to work. I ended accepting Omar’s offer. It’s amazing how the universe conspires to give you what you need.


I started re-taking my apt back, and it feels good. First step was the container garden that I lost to grettel (my new puppy) and summer drought. I got some flower bushes and started my herb garden anew. I arranged with the cleaning lady for her to clean the apt twice a week and on saturdays evenings. The dogs would stay confined to the kitchen/laundry area when I’m not at home, sleep at my room and able to roam freely after I had took them out, in the morning and in the evening. My desk is half catalogued and empty, just the other half to go. I need to dispose the old clothes, there’s a charity service that may get good use of them.

Starting tomorrow

I’m lacking in this goal.

Since I’ll be able to sleep tonight (thanks the Movistar project is done) I’ll be able to wake up early tomorrow and start training at the Omar park. I’m still unsure how long that track is but I’ll find out tomorrow.


There are opening so many new restaurants I’m thinking on give up this task at least for a month.