Thursday, March 27, 2008


-Get a backup ASAP of my online photoblog
-Geotag all the pictures
-Order a photoalbum of my favourites to give to my family and friends


It could be worse hehehe, mom has been visiting me every other weekend since she retired and you just can’t say no to a mother’s homemade cooking.

Target Chest: 45 Current: 41
Target Waist: 31.8 Current: 40
Target Hip: 38 Current: 38
Target Bicep: 16 Current: 14
Target Tight: 24 Current: 23
Target Calf: 15 Current: 15

My town

Well, decided, I’ll write an article about the history of my town, San JosĂ© de David, capital city of Chiriqui province all the way since being just an indian village when the spaniards arrived. Did a piece when I was at high school and I just found it the other day while decluttering my room.

Trip to Mexico

Well, D spoiled the surprise, now mom is very excited. I wanted to go to D.F. but it’s too far away from CancĂșn to do a day trip.

Small steps

In order to complete the 2008 my best year yet goal I created a roadmap of things that must happen in order to mark that task completed. Decluttering my life is one of them, both the inside and the outside. My partner visited me past weekend, even when I tried to talk about my doubts that our “Long distance” relationship would work in the long term I discovered that much of the fear is coming from things I’d to sort out by myself. That’s in the internal, in the external I cancelled two credit cards, saving in order to cancel the last one, bought a more powerful laptop, cleaned my desk in order to have a place I would love to work on. I really hope to keep up, sometimes I just get sort of lazy, I’d my business registered but have no clue about what’s next, need to read some books on this and maybe get an accountant to help me on, I’d an idea of what marketing approach to use but my brother is more busy with his own company he has not much time to discuss strategies with me, well, let’s see.

My 5 things..

-Got my domain back and recovered all my pictures!
-A friend gave me a ride to work today
-Finally got my webcam at home working, now I can see what Gretl and Alia are up to when I’m not home.
-Discovering in this trip that the bond with my partner remains stronger despite the distance that separate us.
-Finished configuring my new laptop and (you won’t believe it!) my desk!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thoughts on this

I’ll apreciate some thoughts on this.

Monday, March 17, 2008


I cancelled my second credit card! I’ll put the pieces on a frame over my desk as a warning.

One more to go, USD 1,200.

The problem of doing this at home is...

That if I prepare pasta for two days I eventually ate the whole pasta the same day before going to bed :-P

Well, I went shopping yesterday buying all that spicy stuff that make small dishes taste good.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Now this is creepy...I should create a task on "43 weird things that happened to me"

It seems I’m not the only one, this is exactly like the stuff I’d been going trough past week.

Now this is creepy...I should create a task on "43 weird things that happened to me"

It seems I’m not the only one, this is exactly like the stuff I’d been going trough past week.

Wondering what all that was about...

Been sort of introspective wondering where this sudden veil of darkness is coming from, for almost a week I’d a recurrent dream where I’m myself in the middle of a land almost black, where the only light seems to be a eerie gloom at the distance that allows me to see from time to time what looks like human forms black as coal moving between weird constructs or ruins of some sort, I approach them but I only can see black silouethes against the less darker background, they won’t answer my questions on how to reach the source of the light, some reach for me from odd angles and some touch me as if they were blind, when I try to touch them they would go away, I’m curious about it, not only because it has changed the usual pattern of my dreams but because there’s a lot of physical distress, I wake up tired and all hurt as if I were actually trekking a real place. Even tough I’m aware I’m inside a dream world the usual means to wake myself up when I’m within and things start to get nasty won’t work, but weirdly, I don’t mind, I don’t even try to wake up anymore, despite the sinister environment, I don’t feel threatened by the dark forms but as if they were mere being curious about why I’m there among them.

The house felt heavy those days, so much I went to sleep at E’s on monday, who was quite happy to have me around, the dream didn’t came to me that night, and I felt light and unusually happy and full of light, When I returned home, that night, the heaviness had gone, I found my hamsa broken on my desk, I remember what A told me about that when he gave it to me, sort of creepy. I’ll take it to a jeweler to see if it can be fixed.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Got a good book on Yoga for Men

Would start practicing this week.


Osho wrote that Non-violence is not a principle to follow, but a consequence of mindfulness, if one is mindful one cannot be violent, thus, aggresive persons would mine our spirit if our convictions are not coming from our heart but from our mind, imposed by ourselves as a path we “want” to follow, a quite static path is that,and we forgot life is not a fixed path, but one that’s constantly changing, and when we find those bad apples on the humanity basket we do ourselves an them a favour by just flowing around them and going on.


-My partner’s way of waking me up today
-The great breakfast that followed
-Realize I was on the verge of being prejudiced because of my neighbour complaint about myself having so many guests arriving at my house instead of putting myself in his place first.