Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It turning worse! Posted by Picasa

Noel, Jose. Is there any other SQL intensive process runninb besides mine? Now I can't connect. I keep receiving timeouts!! and is not my internet connection :-( Help on this! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 25, 2005

40lbs off - Week 1


When I left Panama my weight was 190lbs. A year later I’m 211 lbs. My fat seems to go only to my belly, so I have great arms, great legs and a big belly lol. Well, my girlfriend says it’s kind of sexy anyways.

Well, I know if I reduce my eating I lose weight very fast, but my appetite is increasing because the stress and ansiety at work. I just can’t keep my mouth shut.

I’ve try to go to the gym, but only has enough focus to do some chest,arms and legs routines but I get bored running alone.

I’ll try swimming, if I can find the time and a pool close by, the one at my condo is closed for repairs.

Well, let’s see how I do.

Cheers to everyone!!

Feels great

Feels great to throw a completed list in the trash bin!

Well, since my collection grows by the day...

I decided to read as many books a week before going to sleep, an hour a day. I read so fast most of the books I finish reading before that mark!

Next book please!

I’m reading Sex and the single vampire. It’s a chick’s novel. But quite funny. I’m thinking what book to read next…

It's feels good make other people feel good about themselves.


Flirting is a way to telling the other person “Hey, you are beautiful” That makes anyone’s day.

I need to call the University!

This is an entry for you Ken:


I'm too heavy for my own sake!


Geez! I’m 211 lbs!! :-( I better try to lose weight before starting my training! Well, would be next year’s marathon my goal now!

well, I started my own!

mostly php using google maps api and xml.

Google Map

I’m working with the google maps API.

From my mobile I send my position to my blog trough ariba. When my locator page is accessed it pulls the atom.xml from blogger, parse my position and description from the blog entry and update an xml file. This file then is used as a georeference for google maps showing my position in a satellite map of the world down to city level. If that entry is clicked a popup showing my message, last time updated and a picture of a place near (taken with my mobile’s camera) is shown.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005



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Testing Picasa Posted by Picasa

Lotus test Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I started two days ago


Well, finally!! I’m starting to dream with the Lotus again.

Once you learn a programming language you can learn all others.

Well I selected C#,Ruby and Python.

C# concept looks promising. Ruby is a cool programming language. Python rocks.

Reading now Mary Renault's Bull from the Sea

Well, in a lucky strike I found a cache of Mary Renault books! Mary Renault impressed me with her books about Alexander the Great. In fact The Persian Boy and The Nature of Alexander always go with me wherever I go. Bull from the Sea is a fiction based on the legend of Theseus and the minotaur.

Monday, August 15, 2005

My mind seems so noisy this days!

No matter how hard I can’t seem to take apart the noise.


On the nature of friends


Somehow I feel T has improved the quality of his friends. I really liked them and could feel what mexicans call “buena vibra” or good vibes.

Marisol amazed me, she looks like someone trying to get the best from herself, Irma is easygoing and her view on life is very alike, Wendy has such beautifuls colours around her everytime.

It’s been a while…

Friday, August 12, 2005


Well I finally came back to Panama from Barbados. My brand new apartment is still as I left it.

I imagened a very stoic setting, white walls, rectangular lines in the furniture, no curves. Just black, whites and natural wood colours.

Mom, instead, during my absent, put pictures in the walls, bought a morrocan lounge set instead of the ones I told her to buy, ufff :( now I’ve to rethink everything. I think the only place I would be able to manage as I wanted would be my room.

But then, in me always coexisted both the austere and the adventurous so I thing I still may pull a mix of both.

I visualize the living room as a mix of western and east stuff. Not overcluttered, comfy, like the living room of a traveler that enjoys to be surrounded by their mementos brought from his trips.

I rarely eat at home, and more rarely had more that one visit to stay over, so instead of going for a full dinner table I’m thinking of a breakfast table for two, like those sets on the old taverns in Boquete, 50’s style. Chrome, bright reds, a big painting in the wall and memorabilia.

Well, so far, so good.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

GTD rocks

Well, you can think you had done that two or twice, but then, creating the habit is the best.

GTD again

Well, I readed the whole book (278) in half an hour using the quick scanning technique. Well, now I understand what need to be done lol!

MI Project Summary

MI. That sound spells disaster and the end of the universe.

Well, situation.

Noel wanted me to do a run using november data, solve any issues I find, creating a high level user interface and delivering the output to Jose for further processing. All this before the 26th of august.

What bugs me:

  • All the macros in each model that need to be added the odbc open command.
  • All the views and temp tables that are replicating the > 50 character issue into the system.
  • The dts that rebuild all the tmp tables from scratch using Jose's tables.
  • How to make planning detect that the data is ok
  • Standarize the names of all logs, macros and batch files.
  • Reducing the time Planning takes to rebuilt the model
  • Reducing the time and amount of data Planning need to pull into the input cubes
  • The entity 14 spreads, bringing those into a DTS to save time
  • The bath file execution. To find a way the run in parallel.
  • Make planning to be able to gave me some feedback I can attach to a higher level interface.
  • Adding controls to each stage so the process can't continue unless data in the previous session is ok.
  • Fixing that error I found in Operations the last run.
  • Standarizing the source for all variables instead of changing them in each model.
  • Creating a high level interface for defining the groups.
  • Create the high level interface using planning or visual basic, whatever is best.
  • The routines to create the output cubes.
  • The dts for formatting Jose data.
  • Making the MI folder self-contained. Even the logs
  • Creating the User cases
  • Creating the SIT document
  • Creating the documentation
  • Putting someone to test it

Well, so far that's what is in my head right now.

The succesfull outcome for this would be:

End user running the system from a nifty console showing him the status of every step in the process and opening at the end the pivot table with the results.

The Next action I can take:

Sorting the tasks for the less time consuming and doing them first.

GTD What a mess!!

Ok, in my eternal search for order I found a book called GTD. Get Things Done. The approach seems cool, but I hadn't manage to read the book anyways. So far I'm trying to follow the advice and the methodology but God it requires focusing! It's been a mess trying to do it in Outlook, too many steps and things to look for. I think would be faster using just a pen and paper.