Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jan - April Update

Been lagging, trough started the year very well and pursuing this goal the other day I just felt something was holding me back, I’ve all the tools, all the resources and I’m afraid of, as my art teacher said, of my empty canvas.

*Got rid of my credit cards.
*My emergency fund reached six months worth.
*Got two extra sources of pasive income.
*Opened another Savings account for known future expenses.
To improve:
*Give following to new client prospects.
*Dedicate more time to freelancing.
*Find a suitable mechanism to keep my finance and personal documents handy.
*Go Frugal for real.

*Readed a lot of technical books.
To Improve:
*Research available paths and plan for next year, this year I’m going into savings mode.

To Improve:
*Decide if I’m going to keep this long distance open relationship and work on maintain it or end it and go single again. The insecurity is just keeping me in an emotional void which is good for my sexual life but bad for my inner being, sometimes you just need a heartfelt hug.
*Put a moratorium to all my physical, emotional and intellectual addictions.
*Focus on improving my health, body and mind.
*Meditate more often, there’s too much noise going around because of unfinished things.
*Travel more within my country.

*Finished reading all the books on the subjects I want to acquire expertise.
*Started to build things.
To Improve:
*Make proof of concepts in order to have a portfolio of expertises.
*Network more.
*Update my CV.

To Improve:
*Look for responsabilities within the party.
*Work on my volunteer site
*Volunteer more in my country