Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Interlude: Just hours for Ken 2.0...Ressurected 14th Iteration 6 since awareness actually...If you believe regressions mumbo jumbo *chuckle*

Discussing how to prepare Saril @Manolo Caracol. With Manuel *chuckle*

RT @nay_flawless01: "Why are you talking during my lesson?" "Why are you teaching during my conversation?"

The argentinian enologist observes: Argentinians are crazy until you meet argentinian-panamenians @Manolo Caracol

RT @vrzone: Miku Flick, an iOS game from Sega, comes out on Miku’s Day

RT @nytimesarts: Currents | Q&A: Questions for Lenny Kravitz on Design

RT @quinnannette: Hidroeléctricas, al costo de quién?: vía @youtube

RT @IainDale: Dale&Co: RIP David Rathband: Iain Dale pays tribute to PC David Rathband, who took his own life last night.

RT @grist: A museum to chronicle just how much humans have messed with plants, animals, the climate:

François Hollande, the Socialist front-runner, wants to impose a new 75% rate on incomes above €1m a year

RT @informatepanama: Sólo en Chiriquí hay más de 25 hidroeléctricas, pero no se puede decir que Pmá. pague la energía más barata del área,

RT @gsanchez1987: Documental sobre el efecto de las hidroelectricas en Chiriqui

RT @zaibatsu: Act now to prevent 'digital caste system' says Google's Schmidt [CNN] | RT @Hadel @arkarthick

RT @Telegraph: PC David Rathband, policeman blinded by gunman Raoul Moat, found dead at his home :(

RT @YahooNoticias: EEUU: estados permiten acuerdo por demanda sobre híbrido de Honda

RT @nytimesarts: Currents | Gardens: Vertical Gardens Are on Display at the New York Botanical Garden

RT @thinkprogress: Obama admin calls Blunt bill a "cynical attempt to roll back decades of progress in women’s health"

RT @trendhunter: Geek-Chic Editorials - Bob Packert Snaps a Portrait of the Modern Day Urban Professional #Fashion

RT @camachocastrado: Mi doble, la persona que se hace pasar por mi: @camachocastro ahora mismo en Debate Abierto arrastrándose como siempre!

RT @Lotay: Focus forward.

RT @Lotay: The future is greater than the past, because the past is over, and you get to create your future right now at this very moment.

RT @Atma2909: "@gsanchez1987: Documental sobre efecto d las hidroelectricas n Chiriqui"

RT @shaunmoynihan: Dear Vegetarians,

If your trying to save all the animals, then why are you eating all they're food?

RT @WAtoday: One woman's leap year proposal: 'She just leaped too far'

Interlude: The Dow Jones closed above 13,000, things almost start to look better...x_x More boomers moving in.

Read somewhere: You know why your feet hurt? Because you wore shoes all day that were cute, but not practical. You know why your heart hurts? Because you “loved” a guy for months, who was cute, but not practical...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

@Rosa Mexicano, verg reminds me of Oaxaca's Plaza de Armas

Mitt Romney, do you realize that continuously referring to your enormous wealth is hurting you? "Yes. Next question."

Interlude: Love's sweet...But it can't change a man's nature Dear...A man's life is just but a point in time... Enjoy your speck of dust in the grand scheme of things...*chuckle*

Monday, February 27, 2012

Here I am! What are you other two wishes?

Interlude: Is just me or sacred music helps produce code having an uncanny ascetic quality...This must be the purest code we'd ever write since our first "Hello World"...*chuckle*

Interlude: Who would'd imagen a playstation would be a wife's best investment to keep her man at home...*chuckle*

Interlude: Two days for deployment, are we ready yet?...Can I keep the beard?...Nixon's "black beard" cost him the 1960 election...And don't forget Mockus...*chuckle* it's going to be a painful...Indeed.

Note-to-Self: Don't wait for people to be friendly. Show them how.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

RT @EdwardWeston A lifetime can well be spent correcting and improving one’s own faults without bothering about others.

Note-to-Self: Flawed can be more perfect than perfection.

"Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things: But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her." Luke 10:41-42

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Interlude: Our new subject is dear to non-humans...And I bet to some deities too...Likable...A lot.

RT @traveldeals: Trans-Atlantic Luxury Cruise: 7 Days London-NYC, Cunard Queen Mary 2, $913 - Wondering...

RT @satcaweb: Países aliados de Chávez se preparan ante posible fin de ayuda, _Yahoo, EUA_

RT @Flipbooks: 13 ‘Pinteresting’ #Facts About Pinterest Users (Mashable) #SocialMedia #in

Why Doctors Die Differently Careers in medicine taught them the limits of treatment & the need to plan for the end

RT @FRANCE24: Islamists dominate Egypt's upper house after vote Well, how long before the defacing/destruction starts?

RT @zaibatsu: 15 Uplifting Sites - #Positive Stories & Ideas for Good by @CharityIdeas #HuffPost

RT @brianmoran: "Consumers are statistics; customers are people." Stanley Marcus #quote

I wonder if they'll do the same to Tumblr, Flipboard, et al: Flickr disables Pinterest pins on all copyrighted images

RT @Flipbooks: Sea Otters Deaths Hit Record High in #California; Shark Bites Cited (LATimes) #Biology #News

RT @redgreenandblue: Santorum says the tax code is a mess. Yeah - it's full of pork he put in for his coal buddies...

RT @_SteveMason_: UK-based company unfurls new technology to sequence whole strands of DNA

RT @Flipbooks: #Canadian Teens Put a (Lego) Man Into #Space for Just $400! (DigitalTrends) #Technology #Science

RT @GOOD: Americans are now fat enough to require lower passenger limits on boats

RT @io9: Exercise your brain (not your eyes) to keep your vision healthy

RT @Lotay: Kindness doesn't shout; kindness whispers.

RT @BorowitzReport: If a black-and-white silent film wins Best Picture it will give hope to surveillance cameras everywhere. #Oscars

Friday, February 24, 2012

RT @nytimeshealth: A Military Diagnosis, ‘Personality Disorder,’ Is Challenged

RT @EdgardoViquez: @PabloSlender @Chiriqui en el parque Amador Guerrero de Bugaba venden Guarapo de Caña y te dan Ñapa si la pides. Cool =D

This nonprofit's goal is distributing 1 milllion solar lights in developing countries: Check out their progress!

RT @neilhimself: Here is a WORLD BOOK DAY app, filled with stories... only for iPad and iPhone, I'm afraid:

Years after her kidnapping, #ElizabethSmart marries Scotsman & fellow Mormon Matthew Gilmour in a fairy-tale wedding

Interlude: It seems we'll need to buy new jeans...I warned you to stop growing mass, but I disgress, we should be at the brink of acute renal failure by now *chuckle*...That's not funny.

RT @PanamaAmerica: Familiares del reo fallecido, el jueves, en el Centro de Nueva Esperanza, colón, exigen una investigación por maltrato.

RT @davidmwessel: Quartet of economists see “seismic population shift” away from owning to renting

RT @SPACEdotcom: Are you tired of one of your friends? Get them a Red Shirt 'Expendable' T-Shirt for their #Birthday

RT @ChrisMooney_: The ugly delusions of the educated conservative

RT @clusterstock: Badass: The Treasury Just Froze Two Deadly Yakuza Godfathers' US Assets by @lopezlinette

Interlude: There's a sense of impending doom in the air, isn't?...Just plain old "mom is visiting and you can't remember if the skeletons in your closet were all accounted for" anxiety...*chuckle*

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Iranian Pastor #Nadarkhani has just been sentenced to death by the Mullahs because he is a Christian (cont)

RT @Pijamasurf: Pez robot engaña a peces reales para que lo sigan (VIDEO)

Research reveals evolution of earliest horses was driven by climate change, global warming affected body size

Interlude: It seems someone finally had the balss to start a beard...Don't claim victory Dear, I hadn't had a chance to shave.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

RT @redgreenandblue: France says it has proof Monsanto's GMO corn is harmful, wants it banned across the EU

RT @Telemetro: Nicaragua anuncia estudios para canal interoceánico

@astrojenny: BREAKING NEWS: Error Undoes Faster-Than-Light Neutrino Results via @airminded

RT @c_leschin: How Waiters Read Your Table via @WSJ

Note-to-Self: 9 days left

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Interlude: Can we explain this weekend?...Either we allowed ourselves to have fun or our massive intake of antioxidants had a positive effect on mitochondrial decay after all...That's not good news...I know.

Monday, February 20, 2012

RT @ZDNet: How the UK plans anti-terror phone, email monitoring

RT @Culturizando: El tuatara, un lagarto de Nueva Zelanda, tiene tres ojos, dos en frente de su cabeza y uno encima de ella.

RT @businessinsider: Iranian Warships Are Now Docked At Syrian Ports by @JohnsonRW

RT @Forbes: Here are 7 ways to treat your career like a startup, courtesy of @startuppro.

RT @businessinsider: Some Mind-Blowing Stats About Pinterest's Incredible Success So Far by @stevekovach

O suicídio científico da Espanha RT @NatureNews How Spanish government's changes are killing science

RT @Darwin2009: Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society: 1,500 citations for APG II paper (Scopus)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

En plena Feria Afroantillana se acaba de ir la luz. Estaban cantando los Beachers. Ahora a cambiar ritmo: A lo Oscuro meti la mano #Panamá

RT @GuyKawasaki: Re-reading books is good for the mind

@neilhimself Husband bought Vol. 3 of Sandman today. He said, "A lot of people torrent comics, but I think Neil Gaiman deserves my money."

Human Safaris: When Does Tourism Become Unethical?: Travelers thinking of visiting tribal areas nee... #greentravel

@dloesch says women who consent to sex cant complain about Virginia law mandating vaginal probe before abortion x_x

RT @designtaxi: #Recap - Philippe Starck reinvents the bicycle, for the future

RT @washingtonpost: In visions for U.S., GOP hopefuls name-drop Founding Fathers

RT @alt1040: El final de “Todo es un remix”: la propiedad intelectual en contra de la realidad

RT @CriticaPa: Varios puntos de la capital y el interior de #Panamá sin agua y sin luz

Exactamente que hace una tarima de conciertos en plena plaza de Las Tablas? x_x

Interlude: This "sightseeing" trip feels more like a "burst-your-gluteus-maximus" bootcamp, If I had to go up another trail rrrrr...One more day to go and we can go back to our sunblock-less fluorescent lighted air conditioned reality...I even look healthy...*chuckle*

Saturday, February 18, 2012

RT @Slate: Researchers find a strong correlation between religiosity and large families:

RT @AsamCddnapanama: Minera Panamá da falsas garantías a Donoso

Hidroeléctricas en Panamá son para exportar energía, no para consumo local. La luz no va a bajar. #HidrosÑagare

Friday, February 17, 2012

RT @NatureNews: WHO meeting calls for mutant-flu research to be published ‘in full.’

Note-to-Self: September the third. El regalo más grande.

Interlude: Decisions are not a function of gameplay but of narrative...Human beings are delusional about their importance in the grand scheme of things...An intentional flaw I guess.

Is there a time to run for cover, a time for kiss and tell...

Life is hard, pick someone who makes you smile whenever you say their name...

RT @Slate: So much evidence this week that social conservatives are just interested in controlling women's sex lives:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

RT @designtaxi: Looking for a place to sell your creative works online? Set up a store for free.

RT @businessnews: Zynga posts big loss in first earnings report as public company - shares fall 14%s

RT @frank_kozik: paranoia is just total awareness

RT @TIME: Honduras' deadly prison fire: As families mourn, who's to blame? | Hey Time, #Panama had that too

RT @imageartifacts: How To Photograph Stormy Seas

RT @laonetwo507: Hoy la calle a tao mi amorrrrr sucu sucu sucu, que sera mañana con la ente comprativa. Virgen del Culeco amparanos.

RT @LANow: Earthquake: 3.7 quake strikes in Bay Area

Interlude: Is so easy to get lost in the day to day...At Mass the priest would ask the congregation to lift up their hearts. Those are not empty words. Focus on that which illuminates all.

RT @LiveScience: Tiny New Species Hops Around Belize

RT @tvnpanama: CDs se inscriben en el PRD
#panama O_O

A new law in Michigan hands cities over to managers who can sell off city hall and even fire elected officials.

FB RT @ByronKatie It's not the darkness that people fear; it's what they imagine into the darkness.

Interlude:Funny, just after making such a life changig choice "Fortuna Emperatrix Mundi" starts to play in the radio...Typical Universe's dark humour.


RT @dominic_tyer: Men are from Foursquare & women are from Facebook, apparently… | Ooo how creative :)

RT @AJELive: Karolos Papoulias, Greek president, will give up his salary in symbolic move to help debt crisis

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Interlude: Young Antinous...Hadrian...It's been a while...Indeed.

La República de #Panama ha exportado 120 millones de kwh de electricidad hídrica durante los años 2008 al 2011, si el país exporta electricidad hídrica es porque tiene excedentes para suplir la demanda interna. ¿Por que tenemos entonces funcionando plantas de generación termoeléctricas con todo ese recurso hídrico en exceso?

‎RT @RainerMariaRilke For one human being to love another human being: that is perhaps the most difficult task that has been given to us, the ultimate, the final problem and proof, the work for which all other work is merely preparation.

Interlude: While the wise greek had names for every aspect of love, we only have one and that tends to complicate things...Are we in love?...If you define love by finding joy in making someone else beside us happy, I guess it can be said...Odd...Indeed.

Interlude: And you pretended coming here wearing a suit...*chuckle*

Interlude: Really want to throw up, sensory overload...No fancy smells *chuckle*...We'd grown too soft...Therein lies the rub.

Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them but you know they're always there...Happy Valentine's!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Studying, one more banking business case to go. :)

Interlude: Many times blessed yet...It's said men don't know when they're happy...Guess that applies to us at some level, why aren't we just...bursting into song? *chuckle*...*chuckle*

Sunday, February 12, 2012

RT @PanamaAmerica: La sequía redujo en 40% la producción agrícola en México que sufrirá hambre #Panamá

RT @EfiEfthimiou: Anonymous Takes down Greek Police and Prime Minister's Websites as Athens Burns

RT @haaretzonline: #Israel bars #Al-Quds University doctors from practicing in East #Jerusalem:

RT @tvnpanama: Enrique Capriles resulta ganador en primarias venezolanas en Panamá

RT @LightStalking: Why Shooting to the Right Gives You Better Final Images

RT @edvotes: The three nuttiest anti-worker bills: Extremist lawmakers are going after workers any way they can.

RT @anillosolidario: [El ventano] Grecia, en llamas

RT @bigdigit: Student Senate opens on-campus graphic design center.

La geografía ahora es más fácil que cuando estudiaba yo: Alemania, capital Berlín. España, capital Berlín. Grecia, capital Berlín...

RT @haaretzonline: #Apple to use chip by recently acquired #Israeli startup in #iPad 3:

RT @MotherJones: Income inequality charts! The regressive tax codes that boost the 1% and screw everyone else

Saturday, February 11, 2012

‎"I decided long ago never to walk in anyone's shadow if I fail, if I succeed at least I did as I believe" -Godspeed Whitney

That Amazon offers free public domain ebooks, by slicing them into very thin chapters so you're constantly returning to their site: sucks.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Is #Panama 's government recording the phone calls of all its citizens?

Looks like there's some sort of electronic warfare going on...#Panama

RT @EbrahimAsvat El “aquí mando yo” es siempre un modelo que funciona cuando, quien manda le puede quitar algo a alguien. Es por ello, que especialmente el sector empresarial, ha agachado la cabeza y también gran parte del sector político de oposición. #Panama

Interlude: Wonder if you have a tendency to be platonically aroused by intellectuals...Platonically? your reaction was quite physical...I may develop the longing but there are lines not even I dare to cross.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

"La política es el arte de buscar problemas, encontrarlos, hacer un diagnóstico falso y aplicar después los remedios equivocados" Marx

Going to Yellowstone? You're driving into an active volcanic caldera. Could erupt at ANY time. #rockcycle via @USATODAY

RT @BI_Advertising: These Vandalized Mad Men Ads Are Absolutely Wonderful by @Jim_Edwards

RT @timoreilly: Interview with @ladyada about open source hardware Important stuff.

RT @aquaken: RT @fish2fork: Research: Overfishing wastes money & jobs. Help fish & reap financial bonanza,

RT @LATimeshealth: Generic insulin, cancer therapies? They're coming

RT @LATimeshealth: Generic insulin, cancer therapies? They're coming

RT @EnVivoLB: @LanceArmstrong competing in #Panama City Triathlon Feb 12

RT @constpanama1989: Bueno!caras vemos corazones no sabemos!JCtapia defiende petaquilla gold e hidroelectricas cuanto te pagan? *$$$$*

Leading NIH expert worried that "chubby isn't cute" campaign could be stigmatizing: *chubby is awesome, ask Adele*

RT @TheEconomist: African governments are seeking higher rents and bigger ownership stakes from foreign miners

RT @donalskehan: Mornings in Hanoi appear to smell mainly of coffee...

RT @AlvaroUribeVel: Comunicado pte Álvaro Uribe Vélez sobre caso Luis Carlos Restrepo y Presidencia:

RT @TIME: Why is your boss moving to Brazil? |

RT @Forbes: The Seven Habits of Spectacularly Unsuccessful CEOs Hall of Shame

RT @eartheats: Students involved in a garden-based program eat twice as many fruits and vegetables

RT @RevDannyFisher: BBC: BREAKING NEWS: Burmese monk leader U Gambira "taken away." // Not a good sign...

RT @MotherJones: Wait, what?? US Marines posing with a Nazi 'SS' flag in Afghanistan?

RT @kittenwithawhip: For one sec, I thought about not using the leftover lamb fat to heat up my acorn squash. Then I remembered I enjoy being happy sometimes.

RT @unescoNOW: Dialogue is vital, but not enough. We must teach cultural literacy, the key to breaking down stereotypes & conflict

RT @tvnpanama: Indígenas se toman sede de la ANAM en Panamá Este

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Interlude: There's something...In the air? *chuckle* we crossed paths...Elegua.

RT @FastCoDesign: Why “Infographic Thinking” Is The Future, Not A Fad (great insights in this video)

RT @cacike1976: D lo q estoy seguro s q nadie vive satisfecho n pobreza extrema.Pero preferimos eso q ser vendidos

RT @unescoNOW: Put yourself in their shoes: Over 200 million young ppl in our world live on less than US$1 a day #unescoYOUTH

RT @SFGate: Angry Birds leads to 500,000 new tech jobs

RT @Flipbooks: There is 40% more food available today for every person on Earth than in 1945, if only we could distribute it properly

RT @wired: Afternoon video: an iPhone goes on a killing spree in "Psycho Siri"

RT @grist: A recent op-ed argues sweeteners have as many negative health effects as alcohol and should be regulated:

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

RT @majagual: @Elogiag @marcovallejob Seguro que algun grave problema afrontara La Viuda y esta inflando, aun mas, el ego de los Ches.

RT @TheEconomist: The complete isolation of Russia and China in the Security Council last week is a watershed moment

RT @Elogiag: @marcovallejob @majagual que tristeza de algunos gobernantes q tienen nuestros vecinos

RT @DJMIKESINCERE: Surround yourself with nothing but positive & motivated people!

RT @CoCoas_net: Buenas noticias: Dialogo llegó a un acuerdo.

RT @CaciqueGeneral
No tendremos estudios pero somos un pueblo que luchara incansablemente por lo único que tiene, su tierra.

RT @cacike1976
pueblo ngäbe convencidos q RM,Fabrega,Quijano,Papadimitriu,Alma,Camacho y miles en Pmá ricos y pobres nos ODIAN X decidir no callar más.

RT @JTAnews: Did you know kosher sex toys are estimated to be a $2 billion industry? *chuckle*

RT @PanamaAmerica: Indígenas de Panamá recurren a Twitter para comunicarse en medio de crisis #Panamá

RT @PanamaAmerica: Policía niega responsabilidad en muerte de menor de edad en Chiriquí #Panamá *same with gun?*

@Cacicageneral Hoping there's a good accord among both sides and please, read twice and search for hidden loopholes when dealing with this government.

RT @raisabanfield: El único modelo de desarrollo que cabe en 75milkm2 de #Panamá, es el sostenible.

RT @washingtonpost: Proposal to kill homosexuals is reintroduced in Uganda parliament:

RT @FastCompany: A New Way To Clean Up Dirty Water, And Generate Power In The Process via @FastCoExist

Interlude: What?!...Just wanted to be sure this still is a business transaction...It is, I was just daydreaming.

#dear14yearoldself Do not worry, in 30 years you'll be wishing you had keep yourself as thin as you are now.

RT _vickypollard_
#dear14yearoldself don't shag anyone with strawberry blonde hair, those babies came out ginger

@CaciqueGeneral twitteando de #Panamá pal mundo!!!

RT @CaciqueGeneral: Nos han llegado amenazas de suspender el internet en la escuela para que no podamos escribirles"/Seria reprochable!! SOS!

Dear Panamanian middle class, don't forget how fragile thou are...choose sides wisely.

Monday, February 06, 2012

tic toc tic toc tic toc...

Interlude: Got another scenario for you Dear...Let's see...Social unrest seems to spiral out of control and the government...declares a state of emergency...justifying...ruling by decree...He's not that stupid...but desperate?

Interlude: Concerned?...Why Hurtado?...Uribe's government in order to do right did wrong, overseeing all phone exchanges in Colombia...Same as here...Yes, that's what makes Martinelli's silence the most...Disturbing...Indeed.

Interlude: Wondering how I may get rid of 182,000 calories in one month...Just 22 days left to be exactly.

Interlude: It was too good to be perfect, this "natural" supplement has sibutramine on it...That explains the revolting feeling when exposed to food..Dead end...We can increase our metabolism...Eutirox? That's a two edged sword...What's wrong with good old cardio?...Too slow.

Have an opening for a tech consultant, Proficient in Unix and Windows platform, major databases, main programming languages, solutions oriented, ability to figure out how a system works with very few inputs, ability to work without supervision. contact me by mail.

Now Mulino's blaming the actions taken out of "International pressure" x_x

Good Morning Neverland...

Mulino still considering the original nations can't do the stuff they do out of their own volition, "someone" is tolding them what to do. Racist.

Wonder why Julio Miller is asking just "The right questions" to Mulino.

Mulino mentions that would be irresponsable for the government to ban hidroelectric projects since we'll be paying lot more for our energy needs. Errr, aren't we paying oil prices for government-built hidroelectric projects sold to the private sector?

Mulino is also saying that "The social networks" were used yesterday in a very un-ethical manner...Really?Guess the same can be said from the Arab Spring use ot social networks.

Mulino is saying they turned off the cell towers so the Ngabe won't blow them up because, you know, since "They were turned off", they wouldn't be a target. Self-delusion?

Sunday, February 05, 2012

RT @Telemetro: Restablecimiento de la comunicación será evaluado mañana
#Panama *No que fue sabotaje?*

RT @GuyKawasaki: Stuff people from Hawaii say

RT @Flipbooks: "No man is truly #married until he understands every word his wife is NOT saying ~Unknown #quotes

RT @clarocada: [TNW] Super Bowl XLVI just became America’s most tweeted sporting event

Disturbios en Las lomas, residentes asustados, salen de sus casas por miedo, ambiente de zozobra @tvnpanama @JCTapiaLMB @Chiriqui

RT @ElGallinazo: Esa parte de que seríamos "Mas Pobres" sin hidroeléctrica.¿No que tenemos el mayor crecimiento económico de LatinoAmérica?

RT @PanamaTeamReyes: A dormir espero que Mi Provincia @Chiriqui amanezca con mejores Noticias linda noche a todos

RT @PerezBalladares: Yo como ciudadano y porque viví situaciones similares, sé que la solución es el DIALOGO y no la INTRANSIGENCIA

RT @Minervity: UPS vs. FedEx: Surprising Stats Compared [Infographic] -

RT @EatThisNotThat: Black pepper signals your brain to produce hydrochloric acid, which may prevent bloating!

Interlude: A como va este gobierno tendrán que meter en el Parlacen a todo el gabinete para que tengan inmunidad...*chuckle* seguro que Mulino ya está negociando el asilo, just in case.

Dear Mulino, I must remind you that Twitter decided to allow governments to block the twitter service to avoid repeats of the arab spring. Give them a call. Tweets would go nowhere, people would believe everything is back to normal and "nada pasó aquí" until you can get the president back online.

Interlude: And Martinelli?...Watching the super bowl maybe...Here in Panama or else?...That would explain his "disappearance" act don't you think?

Y el presi?

Este gobierno es capaz de matar al MAN para desviar la atención O_O

RT @ElGallinazo: El presidente ayer estaba "ayudando" a cargar sacos de vegetales... ¿Hoy ayudará a cargar a los heridos? #PanamáFail

Se acabó el tiempo de diálogo. La revuelta le va a pegar en sus bolsillos, a ver sí así ahora les paran bola. #Panama

Me pregunta un extranjero: Y dondé está Martinelli? Muy buena pregunta. dónde está el presidente de TODOS LOS PANAMEÑOS?

RT @MrsDeObaldia: QUE?! RT @Skrying: Me acaba de retener la policia sin motivo

Interlude: Noriega fue trasladado al Santo Tomá convenient, creating news to distract from the current ones.

RT @nairobid: Coordinadora indígena va en una marcha hacia los predios de la presidencia. *oops! Llevan la cuerda?!*

RT @Chiriqui: Proteger y Servir ...¿a quién?

Martinelli condenará lo efectuado por la policía a los indígenas a las 5:00pm #Panamá

RT @rica1lasso: Completa violación de los derechos humanos de indígenas, Portugal -

RT @josedlmar: Se redobla seguridad en Presidencia. Calles aledañas son bloqueadas y custodiadas por SPI *aculillao?*

RT @Paulaflores05: Imagen que nos hacen llegar de la Situación en Volcán, informan que ocurre lo mismo en Changuinola

RT @glendacnn: “@CNNMex: VIDEO: Se registran fuertes enfrentamientos entre indígenas y policías en Panamá”

Wondering how the day started looking for a base for the Darth Vader lightsaber replica ended turning into a one day room makeover.

RT @paovpalacios: @CNNEE @CNN @Chiriqui #Panama q situacion mas indignante

RT @tvnpanama: OEA preocupada por represión en Chiriquí

Mulino decía q el Rep. de San Félix mentía. Ahora la reportera informa con sonidos de disparos en el fondo. #MulinoRENUNCIA #RMtambién

RT @GdnPolitics: Benefit cuts are fuelling abuse of disabled people, say charities

Si supuestamente era desalojar la via, que carajo hacen bombardeando en san felix? *cuanto cuesta cada bombita?, quién las provee?*

RT @AlvaroAlvaradoC: Hora cero informa que FRENTE AMPLIO COLONENSES están prendiendo llantas en el mercado publico en Colón. #OcuppyPanama

RT @ItzaODonnell: Nuestros indios nos han mostrado su inteligencia desde que Martinelli no gano en la comarca !!!

RT @haaretzonline: Should #Israel grant financial aid to ultra-Orthodox youths who leave the religious world?

En la 5 de mayo dirigente ngabe Venado rechaza invitación hecha a Cacica "para cenar y tomar tragos en la presidencia".Vigilia allí también!

RT @AnonOpsBolivia: #Panama Somos #Anonymous Somos legión. NO PERDONAMOS, NO OLVIDAMOS!!

RT @GlennF: The guy who knew the Challenge mission was doomed, wasn’t listened to, and became a whistleblower, died.

RT @LucasVianna31: Ojala Mulino luchara contra los narcos y las pandillas, de la misma forma que lucha contra los indigenas.

RT @BirnaYulissa: Me informan que supermercados llenos. Personas temen escasez de alimentos. *Q los importen*

RT @BonniePena: Para los que no saben Bono de U2 y su filia estan en Panamá desde el domingo pasado y directo pal interior! Oops! #BadTiming

Eternity awaits...

El pueblo #Ngäbe y #Buglé ha vivido toda su vida en este territorio por aproximadamente cerca de 2000 años. #Panama

Ningún panameño es una isla, la muerte de un panameño me afecta porque crecimos amando el mismo terruño; Por eso, nunca preguntes por quién doblan las campanas; doblan por ti.- Paraphrasing John Donne

FB RT @Rolando Alberto Miranda Rojas
Que triste levantarse hoy con estas noticias, toda una emboscada nocturna!
Y todo por la intransigencia de la clase gobernante de panama.... Que nos gobiernen las putas, porque ya sus hijos no pueden!

Queridos hermanos Ngäbe, cuanta cuerda dijeron que van a necesitar?

Saturday, February 04, 2012

RT @AlvaroAlvaradoC: Esta es la grabación que salía anoche cuando se realizaban llamadas al área de conflicto.

RT @cerubiob: Por protesta antiminera 10 educadores arrestados por fuerzas represivas de Martinelli en Santiago de Veraguas

Security Minister Claims Cell Phone Towers Were Sabotaged.

RT @JohnGarciaC: @Chiriqui la basita abarrotada! EstrellaAzul regalando leche

RT @507tony04: Cierre a la altura de rio cochea entre #Dolega y el Frances si vas a #boquete mejor esperas

RT @yamyletharauz: De verdad q RM es impresionante, xk tener el poder para convertir mi provincia d @Chiriqui en Isla. Hay q ser testarudo

RT @prensacom: Cerro de la India Dormida lleva 48 horas en llamas:

RT @AJELive: Human Rights Watch said the vetos of Russia and China of the UN resolution on #Syria "are simply incendiary."

RT @Flipbooks: "Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards" ~Benjamin Franklin #FactsofLife

RT @GuyKawasaki: Rugby + soccer + tasers + 8 crazy people=this crazy sport [video]

RT @miltonhenriquez: Para los que duden de quién vino la orden de incomunicar a San Félix vía @goear

RT @Panama_Guide: Emergency Message from US Embassy for US Citizens in Panama

RT @ramonfonsecamor: Cómo me he acordado hoy de la frase: "Siembra vientos y cosecharás tempestades..!" Sabiduría popular certera!

Expresidente Fidel Castro presentó un libro con sus memorias. Se refiere al error de creer que el socialismo resolvía problemas económicos.

Hablan de que no permitir el libre tránsito viola los derechos de las personas: ok; pero cortar la comunicación?

RT @thinkprogress: Florida Republican stripped of Senate chairmanship for opposing prison privatization scheme

#Panama nian Are you going to be on the right side of history?

RT @FRANCE24: Vatican refutes top archbishop's corruption claims

RT @protegeryservir?: Mantenemos 32 detenidos por participar en disturbios y cierre de calles en la Vía Transístmica.

Hermanos y hermanas Ngöbe, Buglé, campesinos y campesinas: Aunque no puedan vernos, oírnos ni leernos, seguimos en vela con uds. #MinaÑagare

RT @artnet: Forget chocolate and flowers, nothing says love more than a unique artwork. #ValentinesDay

RT @marionnestle: new book on how to restsructure agriculture to support nutrition and health, internationally.

RT @Ustream:There are two 6 Nations Rugby matches today starting at 6:30a PT/ 9:30a ET. Get your season passes here:

RT @BorowitzReport: Romney: "The war on terror created thousands of jobs. By killing bin Laden, President Obama killed jobs." O_O

Friday, February 03, 2012

Zzzz Zzz Zzzz

Note-to-Self: Doing an abs workout in the buff with an ab wheel and two hyperactive chihuahuas can be a dangerous affair for all those involved.

En el 161 de cwp dice q todos los operadores suspendieron servicio entre Viguì y Horconcitos "por solicitud de las autoridades". Wow, just like in Syria!!

Dear Precision Body Analysis Scale, you can shove your 41% body fat reading of me down your reset pinhole RRRRRRRR :p

Interlude: What?!...Why are we stocking a supplement that has caused some early departures among its users?...It works?

RT @rhh: “@acarvin: Imagining if we'd had smart phones in Srebrenica. In Rwanda. In Hama '82. In Grozny.” In Bocas In San felix

RT @rhh: “@acarvin: Imagining if we'd had smart phones in Srebrenica. In Rwanda. In Hama '82. In Grozny.” [in My Lai]

RT @FoxNews: Hero or Traitor? Pakistani doctor accused of treason over involvement in bin Laden compound raid

RT @marielasagel: En el concierto de Ruben Blades en las escalinatas de la ACP @canaldepanama. Unamos esfuerzos por nuestros hermanos ngabes

RT @MiguelABernalV: Dignidad y solidaridad! Denunciemos a los verdugos y rechacemos la vulgar manipulación mediätica

República de Chiriquí: Limita al norte con el estado libre asociado Ngöbe Bugle, al oeste con la anexada República de Costa Rica, al este con lo que quedo de Panamá después de Martinelli y al sur el Océano Pacífico.

Estimados coterráneos chiricanos: Independizemonos no? Mandemos a M y los 2Millones de capitalinos que sòlo velan por sus intereses down the drain.

RT @TheEconomist: Investors believe that #Facebook, a start-up run is more valuable than Boeing. Are they nuts?

RT @Panama_Guide: Tension in Bocas del Toro and Veraguas: .

RT @KeithMcCullough: Chart of The Day: US Labor Participation Rate his a generational low #sad see picture

Good morning, awesome summer sun out there. May love and laughter light your day.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

In taberna quando sumus,
non curamus quid sit humus,
sed ad luddum propreramus,
cui semper insudamos...

Interlude: Y el tio conejo le dijo a la cucarachita mandinga tú familia es muy linda. Y cuanto esfuerzo has puesto en tus maravillosos negocios de toda una vida, te pasas para mi partido porfis?...Mandinga vio a sus hijos with not-to-perfect lives a sus negocios with not-so-perfect beginnings and giving a deep sigh, claudicó.

RT @deanerimerman: New meteorological theory argues that the world's forests are rainmakers

RT @LLMysteries: Visualizations of Infinity

Anoka, Minn., is a town waging war on gay teens. After a series of suicides, the teens are fighting back:

göbe le recuerdan sus propias palabras al Presidente desde San Félix: "Si no cumplo, que me cuelguen del árbol más alto de Panamá."¡CUMPLA!

RT @raisabanfield: Situación es grave...Ojalá y como el año pasado, RM no espere el viernes precarnaval para decir q no le gusta minería

RT @shawnemerriman: Spread some love today no BS

RT @jeffmackey: How the #TSA views you.

RT @GuyKawasaki: Ultrasound zap as male birth control?

#Chiriqui is running out of fuel out of the ngobe blockades against open-pit mining in their lands. Seize the moment and declare a separate state out of the inhability of the #Panama city's government to find a solution. ;)

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

RT @thinkprogress: Alabama Senator says increasing teacher pay is against "biblical principle" #icymi O_O O_O

RT @MotherJones: Republicans Want to Throw Kids Under the Bus. Literally.

RT @LiveScience: How Plants Have Shaped Earth

RT @ConversationEDU: Autism can now be detected in infants as young as six months.

RT @Quinonostante: Sad to see so many MP's who stood with me in Westminster pledging to end mental health discrimination voting amendment 15

RT @LaGringaLaCeiba: #HONDURAS: Support for President Lobo Hits All-Time Low - IPS

RT @sciam: New Map Shows that Most Lyme-Infected Ticks Are in Northeast, Northern Midwest

RT @GOOD: Educators are celebrating #DigitalLearningDay today in hopes of bringing a classroom technology revolution.

RT @glenia_desiree: @laonetwo507 El ultimo aumento salarial causo un despido masivo en Do It Center #Panama #veridico

RT @Panama_Guide: CBS News 48 Hours Mystery "The Dark Side Of Paradise" Will Air On Saturday

RT @thedailybeast: FBI Raids Wrong Apartment: Sawed down door, held innocent woman at gunpoint. *Brazil anyone?*

RT @ConversationEDU: Australia, Israel and the politics of diaspora by David Slucki of @MonashUni

RT @themoneygame: Europe's Youth Unemployment Crisis Is Leading To An Exodus by @testosteronepit

Interlude: What's so funny?...You won't have any more excuses for not getting married and spawning mini-humans...Can't I just skip the marriage part and go straight for the mini-humans?...Actually, the Dr. wrote back.

Estan recogiendo alimentos apartir de las 4 hasta las 7 de la noche, en el parque legislativo. CORRAN LA VOZ. PARA APOYAR LA LUCHA DE LOS HERMANOS #GNOBES. #Panama #NoMineria #mining

The U.S. Embassy in #Panama City alerts U.S. citizens of possible disruptions and blockings along Pan-American Highway near the San Felix area in #Chiriqui (Ngobe Bugle region), due to ongoing #mining law protests. Anti-riot police are stationed near the area.

May good and faithful friends be yours,
wherever you may roam.

RT @thedailybeast: What #Romney's "very poor" quote tells us about his desperate attempt to appeal to the middle class

RT @thedailybeast: What #Romney's "very poor" quote tells us about his desperate attempt to appeal to the middle class

RT @reidontravel: In 1000-year-old #Hanoi, you can see a 560-year-old turtle -- if you're lucky: #lp #vietnam

RT @thelittleidiot: 'I'm not concerned about the very poor.' -Mitt Romney on CNN this morning. O_O

Vicealmirante Joseph Kernan, se reúne con autoridades del Ministerio de Seguridad en #Panamá

RT @businessinsider: Actually, There Was Some Awesome Jobs News Today *Indeed*

RT @4sqPTY: Dennis Crowley: “El éxito de Foursquare se construyó con 10 años de fracasos” :)

RT @4sqPTY: Dennis Crowley: “El éxito de Foursquare se construyó con 10 años de fracasos” :)

RT @randomhouse: We may use @flavorpill's 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores as an itinerary for our next vacation.

RT @randomhouse: We may use @flavorpill's 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores as an itinerary for our next vacation.

RT @Reuters_Biz: Exclusive: Mortgage deal would give states enforcement power

RT @Reuters_Biz: Exclusive: Mortgage deal would give states enforcement power

Interlude:Then the Universe glanced...Glanced?.

Note-to-Self: Schedule next week. Centro de Medicina Reproductiva.

RT @RevDannyFisher: RT @constancekassor: Really cool post about bike history from @bikehugger