Monday, June 20, 2005


As if the pressure isn't great enough.
M called me tonight. He readed me a paragraph of a blog he found in the internet.
"Are you the author" he asked.
I could've lied, but then, he's my best friend. And besides, how many men keep a record of every lover they had had. He just had to read a couple of entries and check the dates to figure out who's who.
"Yes" I replied.
I heard him hitting the wall.
I couldn't kept myself straight - "472" - I hadn't updated the total since I left Panama.
I heard him hitting the wall again.

Pandora's box has been opened.

About why Planning sucks as an application...

Just to be sure:

  • Victor solution is faster but requires a heavy investment of time.
  • Time is running out.
  • Commentary to the previous sentences: Time ran out a long time ago.
  • While my third test runs:
  • 1. Planning sucks (I knew that)
  • 2. Planning sucks (I knew that too)
  • 3. The international rule was incomplete!
  • 4. The new cube that reassigns the percentages, at least I hope you were smart enough to add a ENTITY DIMENSION!
  • 5. Ooops!


  • Create Main Macros (again ·%·$%·$%·$%·) for Model 41
  • Copy Model 41 to Model XX
  • Update d-lists to pull new group to be associated to this model.
  • Run the update model macro (That I hope you remember to modify in step 1)
  • Fill the input cubes
  • Run the Model (With the main macro I HOPE YOU CREATED AT STEP 1 AND CORRECTED AT STEP 3)
  • Check-Check-Check-Check
  • Repeat previous cycle for the rest of the groups.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

The havocs of doing things to please everybody:

Entity 41:

  • The all retail driver (d-link Mainteinance) was pointing to entity 31. Fixed quick. Review that d-link in the rest of the models based on 41.
  • Noel is right about the Balance of Costs Allocs, checking the original versions.


  • The Cube ABC Premier Retail to Sprad lacked the entities dimension (D-list added and cube udpated)

The Amtal Rule, Cnosos, Gods as bad lovers and a flower in bloom.

It's funny I always seems to apply others the rules I don't apply to myself. The amtal rule:testing to its breaking point to find the truth of that thing. To gave up now would mean I'm not prepared to more strenuos tasks. And I know am I. What keeps me back is the effect on those around me I care of. Therein lies my weakness. Not in my self-impossed limits, but, the limits people around me imposse in themselves.

Ken's commentary: How do you know you are not deluding yourself?!

Something as complex as this project had turn into a major longinus lance for a God that resists to die! I wonder where I lost the cord and now I'm lost in this labyrinth, my sole companion every puzzled me and a funny bullhead guy that proclaims himself to be "The Best Chef this side of Cnosos".

What reminds me of Zeus banging Europe, or Enki's "fraternal love" for Adam.

The lotus is blooming.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Gloomy Saturday

Reach Belleville near 12:00pm.

-Found another culprit. The day before yesterday I modified the schema to load the rules for Operations so when there wasn't a value Planning wont' breakback evenly.
-That affected the way the drivers works and that's why after applying the percentages the drivers for IT just went away since there's no valid rule defined and Planning is taking that as a zero to be spread.
-Working in the fix

Friday, June 03, 2005

Barbados. Warrens First Caribbean Head Office. 4:50pm

Noel analyzed the outputs and validated it.
He's happy.
I'm happy.

That's not true.
I'm tired.

Natasha tested the model functionality.
She's happy.
I'm happy.

That's true.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Karma (Extended Mix)

It has been a very busy and stressfull week.

Yesterday the last piece was complete for the ABC Model.
Outstanding is the review of all entities and the other four models.
Delivering the output in a database to Jose.
Automating the process.
Loading historical data.
Documenting everything.

Jose again stated that: "Today is the first day I saw something of Planning"
and also stated that: "It was my idea to do this so I could proceed to develop the required tasks"

Wondering if he suffers from memory loss. But then. I'm not going to fight. He'll repeat that version so much even I will believe it at the end.

You cannot manipulate a marionnette with only one string.

Do you believe in Karma?