Wednesday, April 08, 2009

How to record all the books i read

"God, I read a lot!!"

How I did it: There's a website called weRead, it has a facebook application (called back then iread). It really makes you easy to look for the books you have read and mark them as readed, reading, wanting to read, won't read, also allows you to chuck books to your friends, leave comments, tags and ratings.

Downside, there's no way to get that data back to you for other purpouses.

Lessons & tips: If you can't find a book you can import the basic data, if you can't see your edition click a small link under the cover that reads "show all editions".


It took me 3 months.

It made me

How to create a container garden on my porch


How I did it: Went on a shopping spree, got the containers, two soil bags, gardening tools, four kitchen herbs ready to plant, 2 packages of vegetable seeds, four different types of floweris.

Lessons & tips: Keep handy a lot of old newspapers in order not to have to clean the soil later (it can get messy)

Resources: -Local gardening store

It took me 1 day.

It made me