Sunday, February 24, 2008


I’d use email, phone calls (using Movistar extra minutes), snail mail postcards and Facebook!

After a lot of thinking..

Every one of the people I love, that would be more than 100 smiles :-)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Following advice from a previous post...

1. Increase income
-My boss approved trimestral bonuses (Ubercool)
-Got my boss to approve travel allowance (Ubercool)
-Invest in a new laptop to be able to handle more complicated work from RAC
-Advertise Hegemon more agressively
2. Reduce expenses
-Convince my boss to charge my travel expenses to the client.
-Be utterly spartan with my Light, Gas, Water, transport,Guiness, Vodka, night outs and bed partners.
-Increase the amount of days between the cleaning lady visits.
-Consolidate my credit cards (In process, ubercool)
4. Create multiple streams of income
-Renting my other room (Done)
-Creating a portfolio of clients

Great exercise to steal a smile ...

You tend to forget what you really enjoyed back then as you grow up, hahaha. Memories…

Entry #1 Childhood Memories

A closeup photo of me having Jell-o takeng by my father I don’t remember him taking.

My black cat that everyday at sunset would stay at the kitchen door watching, It’s my favourite motif

Freeing paper boats in the streams after a heavy rain

My first origami crane

My first rendition of the Venus de Milo

Being alone in the hills beyond the swamp


Mom surprising me taking me to see Legend


My first succesful chemical garden

Jumping out of a waterfall (looked to me so high back then)

My first kiss

My second kiss

Everytime my dog had puppies




My first poem


Learning english to be able to communicate with Jerry

My first snowball

El’s farewell gift

My 7th birthday

First thing I bought with earned money, a book.

Sliding down the Comission building hill

Eating wild berries every summer

The cool waters of the Piedra river in Alanje

Fishing with Dad

Holy week at Alanje

My neverending amount of cousins


Another manic friday...

On this goal:

Option A:
Make a traditional one
Found this video of Alice in Wonderland popup book is awesome

Option B:
Make a Digital one
Flash (Already know how to do the flip page effect)
For the 3D popup been thinking of some of the 3D libraries I’d found, still in their infancy but enough for what I want.
There’s actually a working algorithm to turn 2D pictures in 3D popup alikes Get to read the papers or try to reverse engineering it

Ideal would be pipe 2D image -> 3D popup geometry -> Render in Flash 3D apis -> Popup in effect -> Pop out Effect -> Flip Effect

So anyone would be able to build animated “books” feeding the pages images to the flash.

“Mechanical books should look like ordinary books. Their success is to be measured by the ingenuity with which their bookish format conceals unbookish characteristics.”