Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Need a new mic.

For some reason my mic had stop working :-( Just when I started. I’ll would have to install the programs in my laptop instead!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Steps taken...

-Installed Gas water heater instead of electrical one.
-Disconnect all appliances when I’m not using them.
-Grow my herbs and vegetables
-Don’t let the shower on all the time it takes to shower.
-Reuse plastic bags
-Use the public transport system more often.
-Walk instead of taking a cab
-Using the stairs instead of the lift

Gas heating

Got one installed past week.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Two more payments and I'm done with BAC!


Two more and I’ll be able to close the BAC card.

It feels goooood!!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Shame on me!!

Hahaha, I could only complete 10 mins of Cardio!!!

Well, that means I’ll need to push harder.

At least!

Did the test again and I scored well.

The hardest part was being on time.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Half-day trip


I went home on tuesday. Took the express at 12:00am and arrived in Chiriqui at 6:00a.m. Mom was happy to see me. I went with her to her work, she just took me from one office to the next showing me up to the people that works with her. She has a lot of pictures of me in her desk. Later we went for breakfast and doing errands. At 12:00pm my plane was ready to leave for Panama city. It was great to spent those hours with her. It’s a pitty I couldn’t stay the whole day.

On the pain of Avalokitesvara


I remembered her, she was smiling and laughing the first time I saw her
She shined in the innocence of her thoughts
A “Special”, as the “normals” say
Her joy was so contagious I started to shine myself

Her left hand handling pieces of lottery for sale
Her void eyes looking sad and ashamed at the floor
Her thoughts wandering about more happier times
Her light was shunned out

I remembered her
My eyes started to flow with tears
Mom told me her old mother had died
And now she had to see for herself

I remembered the light
I remembered her joy
My heart ached

I’m a failure because I can’t help others the way I want
I’m a failure because I’m unable to help them
Mine is the pain of a father, unable to help his children
Mine is the pain of Avalokitesvara