Sunday, July 31, 2011

RT @EatThisNotThat: Want to build a body like Lance? Or Nelly? Or David Beckham? We have their workouts:

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Interlude: I warned you gifting mom witha camcorder wasn't a good idea...I know.

RT @tvnpanama: Cebamanos exige separación de Sáez Llorens

RT @GreySkyThinking: Remember, only you can make your dreams come true. Unless you live on Elm street . . .

That Hogwarts feeling...

RT @NatureNews: How will SETI fare without the Allen telescope array? #longreads

RT @prostatecancer_: New drug to prevent the spread of prostate cancer

Interlude: Wondering if we should keep looking for a less disruptive neuroprotector...Attack has the sole purpose of tricking the opponent into a misstep.

RT @Flipbooks: A Mother's Stress Can Spread to Her Baby in the Womb & May Cause a Lasting Effect (#BBC)

Interlude: The good panamenian exists...And they are young and female.

RT @Ruben Blades 70% of land in Panama nobody knows who owns it.

Watching "Paraiso en venta" @Alhambra

Friday, July 29, 2011

Interlude: Why are you so bitchy today?...There something's wrong with our re-uptakers.

FB RT @Ivor Hartmann
‎"There's a reason you separate military and the police. One fights the enemies of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people." - Ronald D. Moore (And the same could be said for the separation of church and state)

Interlude: Post coitum anima tristes est...No, just good old judaeo-christian guilt...For not being the player but the instrument or the brutal self-honesty in the resulting tune?...Both.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

When in doubt of your surface, bare feet are best...

Interlude: The currents, are changing...Be prepared to appreciate what you meet.

RT @TIME: Here is what could happen if the U.S. defaults | (via @TIMEMoneyland)

RT @JamesGleick: "The human being is a most curious creature. He thinks he has got one soul, and he has got dozens."
—D. H. Lawrence

@lilianafasciani: Qué curioso! Chávez juró sobre una Constitución moribunda y Humala lo hace sobre una Constitución derogada."

RT @Flipbooks: “Success is a ladder you cannot climb with your hands in your pockets” ~American #Proverb

What’s your favorite book of the Bible? Harold Bloom’s is Jonah, a sly masterpiece about a cowardly, petulant prophet.

RT @GuyKawasaki: Texas town fights to save 1,000-year-old tree

RT @GuyKawasaki: Oldest bird was actually a dinosaur

Interlude: You're terrible...I'm depleted.

Interlude: It's going to be a monstrous storm, we should stay home...Sure, here instead of on a captive game hunting ground...Seen that way, going out is ok.

Interlude: I'm in love...With the whole table hehehe.

Interlude: My soulmate must be taking something related to culture or art, IT women don't have that sort of "duende"...We can finish fine arts on saturdays, there's an opening on our schedule now that we don't work 24/7.

Interlude: USD 70 less rich but my clothes dryer is working again, I'll be able to use underwear again...And jeans and t-shirts...jeans...t-shirts.

Dios, en este mes te llevaste a mi trovador preferido FACUNDO CABRAL,te llevastes a mi diva favorita Amy Winehouse, ahora te llevas a mi cantante preferido JOE ARROYO, quiero recordarte que mi legislador favorito es CHELLO GALVEZ y mi presidente preferido es RICARDO MARTINELLI y mis coterráneos favoritos son los inscritos en CAMBIO DEMOCRÁTICO!! #Panama

@Home waiting for the clothes dryer technician...If you hear a bang coming from my street it was nice to meet you all hehehehe.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Interlude: Make a note never call a son of mine and drill him about how was school implying I believe he's lying just because I'd a bad day at work...I'm glad we grew up with a distant father figure.

There is gunman in the red building above Almond Restaurant 22nd bet. Broadway & Park - NYPD & FDNY on the scene - area taped off #nyc

RT @YaleE360: Cod resurgence in Canadian waters two decades after the fishery collapsed via @EurekAlertAAAS

Interlude:Aren't we leaving a lot to chance in this story arc...One cannot weave every thread into the fabric of the past, we just sit and wait.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

@Fire+Ice, nice place, 80's music, nice presentation, still waiting for the guys.

Interlude: Someday someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else...A full grown clone won't be a viable option in our lifetime Dear.

Interlude: That was pretty intense...The way you two were eye-*blip* the shit out of each other?...It was so obvious?...Feels like having a cigarette right now...hehehe.

Interlude: Do you realize we can't cheat our body forever right?...It would've plenty of rest after it dies.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Interlude: What sort of logic drives a woman to call another a junkie just because of her thinness?...People are never as simple as the stories you hear about them from simpletons.

RT @elprincipito: A veces es necesario tiempo, tiempo para encontrarnos, tiempo para que los demás nos dejen buscarnos

Sunday, July 24, 2011

RT @designtaxi: #Recap - An infographic of the working world

RT @lonelyplanet: RT @NatGeoTraveler Top 10 Sacred Caves:

RT @cracked: 18 of The Biggest Controversies of the Distant Future:

RT @AJELive: Photo: Somalia famine predictions ignored

RT @Flipbooks: TIME-LAPSE: A Year in the Life of the Moon (NewScientist) #Science #Astronomy

RT @Iaurabozzo: Si el tiempo es dinero... ¿Los cajeros automáticos son maquinas del tiempo? *Sí que ahorran tiempo*

RT @albertomontt: genial idea para recuperar los espacios urbanos tomados a la fuerza por la publicidad.

Interlude: I'm picking all sorts of twisted things...Just endure one more hour.

RT @Flipbooks: Alabama Judges Can Override the Verdict of a Jury & Change Death Sentences (#Economist)

RT @elbaronrojo la mitad de los que votan creen que la decisión de la otra mitad nos conduciría al desastre. Y ambos tienen razón

RT @firetown: Hungary destroys illegal GM corn fields, plans to make distributing GMO seeds a felony

RT @zaibatsu: "The appropriate age for marriage is around eighteen for girls and thirty-seven for men." -Aristotle #quote <-Such a wise man!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

RT @blakehounshell: Another Anders Breivik writes: "Wish I had a different name today."

RT @tommytrc: J.D. Power and Associates Announces the Death of Demographics

RT @NABUUR: "Nabuur: Lending a Neighborly Hand" - Thanks for the great post @romioliverio!

RT @LightStalking: Creating Captivating Underwater Images on a Budget

RT @Survcast: People who say it can't be done should stop interrupting those of us who are doing it. ? Henry Ford --

RT @Flipbooks: Why Does @CocaCola From A Glass Bottle Taste Different? (PopSci) #Coke #CocaCola

Foursquare deberia tener un "You are in the middle of nowhere" badge...

Godspeed Amy :(

La Felicidad should rename its menues as "Sodium with fried rice" God, I'm dizzy

Dear Sun, you're being a show off, bájale no!! hace calor!

Interlude: So back to the question that started this exchange...I can't remember what it was btw.

Interlude: There's a delay between our mind deciding what to do and we being aware of taking such decision...What if mind's model is far more complex, what if it simulates more than others...everything...Impossible...Unless what we see...Is but a fraction of what we are, what in heaven we're drinking?...Good question.

Interlude: How can they be put to the test How much is actual prediction of the "wave form"...What of the harmonics inherent in the act?...What action triggers the collapse.

Interlude: Yet you are worried about our prime...Been down the road our prime is traversing, I know its dangers...Yet you don't intervene...Everyone has the right to walk the road as they want.

I'm so bad at darts lol

Interlude: The beefeater poster?...You noticed it?...Always.


Interlude: What can be worse that listening twi teens speaking about sex without ties???...Listening adults tell the tragic tales of their failed marriages?...This place wasn't what it used to be...LOL.

Interlude: What can be worse than listening teen drama?..."Chilea" ahuevao...*chuckling*

Friday, July 22, 2011

lo! lo! Bromios! lo! lo! Dendrites! lo lo Eleutherios! lo lo Enorches! lo! lo! Adoneus lo! lo! Enkryptos

Interlude: After all this time...Guess the sight of a handsome male carrying all sort of fruits instead of booze is something worth remembering...Small world...Me lo dices o me lo preguntas?

Woke up finally, wondering why I was so tired it was quite a fruitful
day. Just arriving at Gym.

Interlude: So Dear, Where you gonna sleep tonight?...I went into the secret rooms...And lounged and lay on their beds...How's that for an answer?

Interlude: Makes no sense...Troubling problems easily answered, with five simple words: "What would Don Draper do?"....hehehe.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

RT @TIMEHealthland: Even if you're insured, it's tough to get treatment for depression |

RT @Minervity: Yoga For Dogs: Gotta Keep Those Paws Strong -

RT @bigdigit: New York Times happy with digital subscriber totals as net income declines

RT @randomhouse: "With luck, it might even snow for us."— Haruki Murakami (After Dark) #WishForaSwelteringNation

RT @moehlert: Technolog from - Toilet is No. 1 cause for losing your smartphone contacts

Interlude: Big Data: If you don't have the skills, don't even try‏...LOL.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Interlude: Puer aeternus...He means that as a compliment...I'd rather be his equal...That's the problem with old souls, we look so young to them.

Interlude: It was a good night...I disagree with the ponent about the message in that last scene...So do I, lack of research on her part...Or just read one critic...Indeed.

@Barracuda watching "Les enfants du Paradis"...Awesome movie.

RT @Flipbooks: The Seeping Brain "Calculates" What to Remember & What to Forget (NatGeo) #Science #Biology

For the last time ever! Good morning to the final shuttle crew; Sandy, Doug, Chris and Rex! Have a safe journey back home! :')

Interlude: Wondering, if you are so afraid of dogs what in heaven are you doing working at an animal clinic as a vet...Maybe he had an early childhood trauma related to small dogs...Maybe.

Pero que Hijo de Potter!!! lol

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Interlude: Because of exchanges like this I got into Couchsurfing...Is a beautiful soul...Indeed she is.

Note-to-Self: Locate passport.

Monday, July 18, 2011

12:00am. Guest room/Laundry/Kitchen 1:00am. Guest bathroom/Living/Dinning 3:00am. Main Room. It's going to be a hell of a night :(

Researching material for my booklet: "Bachelors, how to channel your inner 50's housewife in 2 hours"

Interlude: Do you realize Viv arrives tomorrow right?...Wasn't on the 19th?...That would be in about one hour...Oops!!...We've 8 hours to channel a '50s housewife...That would be fun.

Note-to-Self: Google the meaning of "Love"

Interlude:No te recuerda esto el gimnasio de Sábana Grande?...Minus the "I just get out of a tanning bed" look.

@Gym still on 216lb RRRRRR

Interlude: I believe we were meant to have a shower...What in heaven is a caney...Some sort of "Bohio", and since you are into that look why you shudder when...Ok, too much information.

Interlude: There's beauty in a rose bush that has no blooms...If you've a thing for thorns, maybe...The promise that some day it will.

Interlude: I would advise using a spotter from now on...Afraid your mind won't be able to handle the load? That's defeatist thinking...You can´t cheat mind and body forever...Watch me.

Interlude: How I can translate "bien cuidao"...Lifestyle-improvement micro-entrepreneur?...*chuckling*

Saturday, July 16, 2011

RT @designtaxi: #Recap - Imagine the possibilities with these wearable LED TVs!

RT @designtaxi: #Recap - Imagine the possibilities with these wearable LED TVs!

RT @LIFE: What do you think of our list of Weird Medical Cures? -

RT @LIFE: What do you think of our list of Weird Medical Cures? -

RT @LIFE: What do you think of our list of Weird Medical Cures? -

Advantages of singledom...Getting an empty seat to see Harry Potter.

RT @Minervity: Skyfire: Content And Flash Browser For Your iPad And iPhone! -

RT @EdisonDCRule From his neck down a man is worth a few of dollars a day, from his neck up he's worth anything that his brain can produce.

RT @Fasokan: Je me pose maintenant cette question: si Ousmane a souffert par manque de pièce d'identité, pour quoi nous, nous souffrons?

RT @BernoRdz: L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux..and closed hearts too.

RT @grist: Do cities make us crazy? *some*

RT @Panama_Guide: TVN Panama - Embarra en Mi Pueblito: Una Junta de embarra.

RT @elprincipito: "No juegues con los corazones de los demás, no aguantes que la gente juegue con el tuyo." *Oops!*

RT @elprincipito: "Entiende que los amigos vienen y se van pero que hay unos escogidos que debes conservar"

RT @elprincipito: "Para ver mejor ciertas cosas, en ocasiones tienes que cerrar los ojos y abrir el corazón."

RT @Flipbooks: "An #idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all" ~Oscar Wilde #quote

Interlude: It was a good night...It usually tend to be with the girls, we are growing old...Why?...3:00am at home instead of...Waking up on a beach somewhere, I know.

Friday, July 15, 2011

@Manrey celebrating Mari's bday

Interlude: The locals interpretation of trendy is so...Peculiar?...Like a japanese version of the Sartorialist.

RT @MotherJones: RT @CorbinHiar: Over 40 Obama bundlers were given presidential appointments in the last two years

Interlude: That's a big gap...No yatch cruise around the pearl islands for you this weekend...We've the film class and torch march anyways...We better switch mind to godlike mode.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Interlude: When everything else fails...One can always retort to Perl.

BTW, Joyeux quatorze juillet...

Interlude:What was that?...She was checking me out, I just did it too...With a full body response?...Dear, right now I'll eat anything put on the table.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

FB RT @aussieBum
If you think you're too small to make an impact, try going to sleep with an mosquito in the room.

He is the fool saint,
The golden stranger living forever
On the edge of reason.

Interlude: I need a good excuse for not going to the gym today....I've the recipe for a leek pesto sauce in our recent memory.

Interlude: We may have a small logistics problem...Small as in "Zu, can you watch over the tablet of destinies?" or "We are far enough from the cities of the plain, should be safe to test the whirlwind here" ?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Long meetings...


On our way to Colon...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Interlude: The very aspects of him I abhor are little more than items of curiosity to you...I think perhaps you mistake my nature and for extension, yours. Now let's go to sleep, it would be a long trip.

Interlude: Our prime is sort of talkative today, any clue to this behaviour?...One theory or two.

The U.S. Embassy in Panama City alerts U.S. citizens of the planned closing of several routes in the San Felix area in Chiriqui, by persons affected by previous demonstrations against the Mining Law. The closing is announced to take place today, Monday, July 11, 2011, starting at 12:00 noon for a couple of hours.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

What Panamenians where up to:2004:Belinda 2005: Floricienta 2006: Calle 13 2007:Facebook 2008: Latin American Idol 2009: Facebook 2010: Facebook 2011: Twitter Last 3 months: Copa de Oro. Source: Google Insights. #Panama

Sharing my table with a talkatice old couple...sweet.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Interlude: Our guests are waiting...I'm in the middle of a war here...The mongolian hordes? really? There's no chance they'll pass our cavalry. Andrea would take care of them.

Interlude: So the movie watered down Ruth and Idgie's relationship...It would'd been a movie about a lesbian couple in the 30's instead of a movie about friendship trascending ages.

Today session was great, Fried Green Tomatoes was a most welcomed surprise of a movie.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Interlude: Too good to be true, you need to add at least one circle...It would be a blog otherwise...good point.

I can post in my wall and if I choose nobody but me sees it! Facebook as it should'd been!!

Interlude: So this is Google+...Circles are our FB lists...We've 30 lists, and some are lists within lists...Circles within circles, that would be a cool interface.

RT @viktor2324: Condenan a colombiano Murcia a 9 años de cárcel en Nueva York ...#panama...

RT @Nacho_Pinto: RT @yoyoriva ¿Educación es un tema? En ARG estamos mejor q Kazakhstán, Albania, Qatar, Panamá, Perú, Azerbaiján, Kyrgyzstán

Interlude: Matter as a medium...Consciousness like a wave in the sea, beautiful allegory...But sort of a tragic end, can't use it...*chuckling*

You can follow each of the crew members on Twitter: Mission specialists @Astro_Rex and @Astro_Sandy, pilot @Astro_Doug and commander @Astro_Ferg.

RT @NASA: Atlantis' hatch is closed and latched for flight. There are no major technical issues and weather currently is Red for thick clouds.

RT @NASATweetup: Battlestar Galactica composer @bearmccreary wrote fanfare for final shuttle launch (soon to be released). More info:

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Dear Sid, when I just start to have a normal life with decent sleep times, you release civilization as a facebook app...My dark tired eyes are very grateful...Now, about that iPad version...

@UNESCOheritage The government of #Panama is proceeding with the construction works around Panama's historical center

@UNESCOheritage Hello guys, the Panamenian government is saying the third phase of the Coastal Strip is proceeding?

Si #Martinelli fuera presidente de Italia... #Panama #NoFaseIII

Read at @Pinterest: Good friends like good books, let you pick up where you left off...

Interlude:Now I understand all that praise...Two weeks doing only legs, even I am in awe.

Doing the second most tedious tasks known to the male species after housework: Documenting.

Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti...*and beer*

Why I'm having the impression my chihuahuas are walking over my laptop's keyboard at home...

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Interlude: Do you realize normal people don't cook full course meals at 1:00 a.m...I'm insomniac...You're not insomniac, you have a f*cked up sleep pattern...And I'm hungry.

RT @yokoono: Carry what you can in both hands and walk. See if you can see where you are going.

RT @randomhouse: We ♥ this lament from the @nytimes Complaint Box: "How E-Readers Destroyed My Love Life":

RT @tommytrc: Millions of Fishes: The Ultimate Marine Library #science RT @botbkc

Just stumbled upon this on an "automated translation" page at google: ¿ahhh usted puede conectar con esa base de datos con la derecha del sapo? *LOL*

Interlude: How many fish we got?...three...There's a school of baby fish now.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

La única forma de culturizar este país es expulsar de la ciudad de Panamá a sus habitantes, exiliarlos en Miami para que vivan como ellos quieren y repoblar la capital con chiricanos.

Definition of progress for a city dweller panamenian: A speediest way of getting out and in of the city on national holidays. They really deserve Martinelli. I give up.

Interlude: What's wrong with people?...They enjoy killing each other, or watching others being killed, or watching other being exposed and laughed at, they are evil, yet you still give them the benefit of the doubt...A Design flaw.

Trying to embrace my inner panda...

Oh por Dios, parezco Kung Fu Panda! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! hahaha.

Interlude: Hope clouds observation...One cannot avoid to feel sympathy in their struggle.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Te imaginas Venecia con una cinta costera?! #NoFaseIII #Panama #BoycotteaALosLocos #GirlcotteaALosLocos

Interlude:The fish are growing quite fast...Guess we got the wrong variety...Or they are feeding on the hyacinths...We'll need a bigger pond...Indeed.

RT @gubatron: 25 Scientific Ideas of Life Extension

RT @gubatron: MIT lab develops glasses that can read another person's emotional state

Interlude: I was being flirted with?...That was genuine interest...really?

Interlude: Pinterest is a visual orgasm, I bet I'm getting a high out of it...It got you to paint again, but I can't understand that "urge" and "crave" for the next most beautiful sight.

Happy 5th Birthday, TED Talks: Democratizing knowledge. 5 all time favourite talks.

Interlude: The truth hurts once Dear...And a lie remembered hurts everytime Darling.

Poverty kills. Estimated Deaths Attributable to Social Factors in the United States.

After yesterday's takeover by "Cambio de a Dedo" party aka CD, local artists would organize a mass concert to wish us all good luck... #Panama #Whatif #LOL

A chance for any panamenian architect-3D animator-developer-designer combo to seize on our government fueled real estate boom to start a new venture: #panama #ar

Remind me to thank you for suggesting using scotchgard in all our ties...

Real women don't worry about being dimes, because true gentlemen don't carry change.

Dear Universe, may my next project handle at least a Tera, my dogs start to sleep in the other room's bed instead of mine so I can get a decent sleep and the office's store carries Adrenaline rush instead of ciclon?

I can hear you...

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Interlude:I'm in love...For the 6th time this week hehehe, quoting Blake: That wich was born in a night to perish in a night, such is your love Dear...Eros ephemeros...Eros anteros.

RT @Flipbooks: A Step Closer To Explaining Our Existence (msnbc) (rt @darkdoor) #Science #News

RT @Reuters_Biz: More questions raised about Strauss-Kahn accuser

RT @deviantART: The NYIP has put together tips and tricks regarding the best ways to photograph fireworks.

RT @Flipbooks: The Pope's First Tweet: Pope Benedict XVI Praises Jesus In First Ever Tweet (#HuffPost)

RT @Flipbooks: International Space Station In Debris Scare (#BBC)

Sometimes, all I need is a bowl of comforting pasta...

RT @DaveZinczenko: WHAT WINNERS KNOW: You can always make more money. You can't make more time.

RT @prensacom: Locales - Disentir no es irrespetar: Blandón I wish he had "follow" his conscience at Law 30th vote.

RT @rmartinelli: Aun no le aceptan ni el prd o suntracs un partido amistoso al gobierno. *The important stuff that troubles a leader's mind*

RT @denisfitz: Depressing. There's now a market for suicide bombers, priced at $70-93k.

RT @newscientist: This doesn't mean putting Marmite on your face is a good idea: Yeast gene makes old cells young again

RT @timoreilly: US Flag made up of real-time #july4th tweet stream via @anemani10

RT @petershankman: OH: "Cats are simple little women in tiny fur coats."

Cold rainy and sleepy sunday in Panama city, wonder if what my chihuahuas see in my right now is a suitable source of warm.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Interlude:6 billions, what are the odds?...The Universe has an affinity for crossroads.

Is near impossible to find a taxi today! All errands canceled RRRRRRR

Interlude: Oops! Creo que se nos junto el ganao...Time to exit gracefully.

I'm not interested...

Interlude: Do you ever get a no for an answer?...No.

Interlude:Yield to temptation dear...She dances in circles...Not fit to improve the gene pool.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Interlude: I wonder if we just found the third companion...That's a dangerous statement.

Interlude: Slow hunting night...Garden variety, not my favourite game.

@JC_Varela Hasta cuando?! :(

RT @nandaUganda: US declares that it has the right to board 1/3 ships in the world after backroom deal with Panama *WTF*

Interlude: "Gordo bello"?...Admit it dude, we're way overweight...RRRRRRRR.

RT @grist: RT @NLCgreencities: Great places: how livable streets make us happier humans:

Interlude: This whole affair is mudding the currents...Stagnation, destruction, discord, confrontation, chaos...Eris walk among us.

FB RT @Paulo Coelho
If you understand life, you need a reality check

RT @Brault The average pencil is seven inches long, with just a half-inch eraser - in case you thought optimism was dead.

Interlude: Can't believe he's going to get away with it...There are no indigenous people tired of being overrun living at San Felipe, the able are too few and too polite to make enough noise, the media has been bought and the rest just don't care because is not "their problem"...Where's the mini-crossbow btw?