Thursday, January 29, 2009


1. Reading this entry about the Goal PRESERVE marriage rights in California
2. The anxiety I’m feeling, it says to me I should stop and have a conversation with myself to find the source.
3. Keeping clean my desk for two days in a row! WOW!!!
4. Family
5. Feeling blessed despite the circunstances.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Registered the domain...

The Main page would be Curriculum Data.

Pondering if adding links to my personals blogs.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Installed the latest version of Jasper Reports and downloading the new version of Pentaho. Still worried it would be to overkill for my development machine.

Found an open source library to implement a secure shell connection, hope it would help me to solve the issues I’m having with my current setup emulating the interaction with the solaris client.

Urbanitas and Artificiarum DNS problems solved last night, finished configuring Wordpress around 1:00am. Now to install Joomla at Hegemon and ken-chen domains.


1. A Sunny day.
2. A woman giving birth to eight kids.
3. Completing the setup of and
4. A cold Canada dry.
5. Goals.

Targets for the remaining of the week

Start a conversation with a total stranger every day
Be Active:
Running at the park everyday
Take Notice:
Carry my digital camera everywhere every time
Keep Learning:
Get familiar with Wordpress, Magento, Jasper Reports, Actionscript and Pentaho.

Monday, January 26, 2009

GTD David Allen's desk

Things to ponder...courtesy of 43 things goals..

1.Stop holding on to the things that clutter my home and my life

How to clean my desk

"You'll need a whole evening"

How I did it: Started picking stuff and sorting them atop my bed in groups like books, materials, references,cables, equipment, etc.

After everything was sorted and grouped I cleaned the Desk.

Decided then what I needed the most and start to put those stuff back, i.e. Desk Lamp, laptops, keyboards, mouse, picture frames,etc.

When that was complete I started to processing every remaining pile using the GTD Inbox approach, that was what took the longest.

Lessons & tips:

  1. Choose a day you'll know you won't be interrupted

  2. Have handy soft-drinks and snacks in order not to get distracted by preparing lunch or dinner. 

  3. Put some energy boosting music, turn off TV. 

  4. Make a list of the things you really want back on your desk.  

  5. Take stuff once at a time and put on piles close by in the floor (I used my bed since my desk is inside my bedroom) sorted by purpouse. 

  6. Have a trashcan and everything that you can judge to be trash throw it right there.  

  7. Put back the stuff in your list.  

  8. Start processing the remaining stuff in the piles using the GTD Inbox approach: Every item has to be placed inmediatly, wether that would be storage, a box or the trashcan, don't follow priorities after all you'll need to process everything. 

  9. Relax and enjoy your new tidy and spacious desk. 


  1. 43folders blog

  2. Zen habits blog 

  3. Flylady 

  4. 43thingers 

  5. Getting Things Done 

  6. Ferry Corsten's Right of way CD  

  7. Big trash bags 

  8. A couple of cartoon boxes 

  9. Cleaning stuff. 

It took me 1 day.

It made me Überhappy

Today's 26-jan-2009

New report, I would need to parse the statistics of every text file in the inbox and compare with the results once loaded, put that in a table so I can use Jasper to create a daily report on the loads.

I’ll need bash/Sed/awk/java/jdbc/pl/sql and an Oracle db.

Still fighting with the artificiarium domain, it’s the same configuration I’m using with the urbanitas one but the webserver is not answering correctly, I’m pissed off since that would be my daily vent blog.

Installed Wordpress at Urbanitas, still not sure about the services there but guess learning this new version would be worth.

Finished configuring Magento’s installation at Jessy’s domain.

Half trough the actionscript book it’s kind of boring.

Testing new version of Jasper, Pentaho was too overkill to be running on my machine to present as a decent demo so in the interim I’m generating the reports from within java programs, however I think that would be a good reporting environment for the daily extractions without requiring for them to use Business Objects.

Today's 26-jan-2009

1. Finally cleaning up my desk
2. Completing the planned tasks
3. Coffee
4. Ikea
5. Books

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Temptative list of what to put back on my desk...

2 computer monitors
2 Laptops
1 Desktop Tower
1 PocketPC cradle
1 wireless keyboard
1 wireless mouse
1 Pen tablet
1 Printer
1 switch
1 desk lamp
2 Picture frames
1 Mouse Pad
1 set of speakers

There we go again...

I stayed at home last night I woke up pretty early. Since I’d all this T I M E I decided to go on with cleaning off my desk.


It’s 4:00pm and I’d just clear off half of it, the other half of course being on my bed waiting to be catalogued.

Well, hope I finish cleaning it before the sun goes down, a clean desk only looks good under sunlight.

It’s a beautiful summer day, the pool must be cool and there’s a lot of breeze and singing birds…



Wish me luck!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


NEF was commissioned by the UK Government’s Foresight project on Mental Capital and Wellbeing to develop a set of evidence-based actions to improve personal well-being. In this report, nef presents the evidence and rationale between each of the actions, drawing on a wealth of psychological and economic literature.

The 2008 Mental Capital and Wellbeing Project aims to analyse the most important drivers of mental capital and well-being to develop a long-term vision for maximising mental capital and well-being in the UK for the benefits of society and the individual.

The concept of well-being comprises two main elements: feeling good and functioning well. Feelings of happiness, contentment, enjoyment, curiosity and engagement are characteristic of someone who has a positive experience of their life. Equally important for well-being is our functioning in the world. Experiencing positive relationships, having some control over one’s life and having a sense of purpose are all important attributes of wellbeing.

The Study

A Good article on the 5 daily actions with examples

Today's 22-jan-2009

Today’s taxi driver was an old man, in his late 70’s probably…came from Costa Rica to work picking up potatoes at 6 colons, less than a dollar he said in that time…he was complainning panamenians aren’t more entrepreneur-like, he spoke of his beginnings, going from picking potatoes, to picking cans to washing cars and from there to work at the Panama Canal, he proudly showed me a social security card, he was retired and he had living a good life, he had 5 children, all professionals now, he lived in a second category neighbourhood and he still picks some cans from time to time to “keep in shape” not for the money…he lectured me on why I must stick to women of ill repute instead of bedding neighbours, “They will ask for money everytime” he said…which is true I must say…while he kept on describing some more x-rated content about his exploits at The Phoenix and the Blue grotto before finally changing the topic to politics…Varela and Martinelli, “Martinelli would solve the crime problem” he stated…I asked why, “He’s a militar, he studied in Cuba” I made a mental note to research we got closer to my destination he said Torrijos had to take a military course because he hadn’t any education on that and he wouldn’t be part of the coup if he hadn’t…I couldn’t ask further, we reached the office. I say goodbye, “Have a good day son” he said…

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


A task I carried from past year! Found a way to register a free domain and free hosting, that’s cool since the budget is quite limited, I’ll be working on the design tonight and will start adding the database backend over the following days.

Starting up...

Weighted in yesterday, since I started doing cardio and reducing my caloric intake to 1,200 calories lost 10 pounds…20 more to go…I’ll update my measures later..

Retaking it!

I’m re-starting the process…Needed to create a right place to do it and I think I’m now ready.

Today I'm pursuing...Actionscript /Magento/Joomla/Oracle/Jasper Reports

-Reading a book on advanced actionscript techniques, it’s only 400 pages so I’ll probably would have it finished by this evening. This would allow me to exercise full creativity when creating flash since I won’t be restricted by technical shortcomings…
-Playing with a Magento installation. Magento is an new opensource webshop application with more features and a more updated look than my older favourite phpshop. I’m setting up a bookstore specialized on Vets for Jessy’s business.
-Playing with a Joomla installation, There are two future projects that would require a CMS and I still think Joomla would be overkill for the solution I’m asked to implement but if I can find a way to reduce complexity and allowing still the scale that joomla benefits from I’ll be able to give a full solution that won’t require costly upgrades later for the client.
-I’m trying new features of Jasper Reports against the oracle reports I must submit daily. An automated framework would be more flexible to my client that the monolithic one they have in place and that requires an expert doing all the coding.

21th jan 2009

Today I’m grateful for:
1. Finishing D’s portrait
2. Being in love
3. Love
4. Watercolours
5. Being able to use my eyes to see colours, my hands to handle a brush, my memory to remember your face and my heart to love you.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Resolutions Sketch 2

-Internal Self
-Complete reading a book before starting another.
-Meditate and practice Yoga
-Practice a martial art
-Dedicate an hour every day to self-introspection
-Cultivate my creativity and express it
-Professional Self
-Prepare my CV before january ends.
-Research a change of career before march.
-Start a blog to showcase my work experience.
-Network every other week.
-Date a new woman every week.
-Duplicate my fixed income before march.
-Put in order my finances before february.
-Have 20 new customers at Hegemon every month.
-Have the body of a Greek God before August
-Go Vegan every other week until december
-Spent more time doing outdoor activities the weekends
-Hit the gym everyday
-Apply my Computer Knowledge to support my candidates
-Complete a Nabuur task every week
-Become a Nabuur project manager
-Complete a UN volunteering task every month
-Start a blog on web resources for volunteering
-Dedicate time to the Mckee foundation

Monday, January 05, 2009

Started yesterday...

I’m really out of shape! But plan to follow a daily routine this year!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Emotional expressions may be innate according to a study!