Saturday, June 28, 2008

Found a great article on how to keep your IT skills sharp

Read about it in CNN

And is not unlike that time when I sowed kitchen herbs and local trees among the Mall gardens hehehe.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Artits's way

Got two useful tools from reading the book, I’m at week 5. The morning pages, is amazing the amount of stuff I’ve zumbing around. There’s more clutter and baggage than I thought!

I’d stabilized work, education and finance are still concerns from what I can read from my unscripted streams of conciusness.

Love the walks with myself, used to do it when I was younger and needed time on my own. Now even I’m alone at my room, I’m not really alone, the clutter is there, both physical and mental, at least in the park under a soft rain it has where to expand and give me some space.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

7:45 am!

Did i!!

Now let’s see if we can repeat this tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

It has to be a weekend...

It just looks odd being at work taking pictures…hehehe.

It’s a pitty my cellphone with camera got lost!! And my camera is not in worth conditions after years of abuse, I need to buy one, I hate the more recent models, they try to do everything for you and the pictures tend to look all the same all too perfect, loved the randomness inherent to my model…

Good two new clients!!

A website for a Gardening Magazine and another for a local artist!


Created my first one..

But’s not working as expected hehehe.

Anyways is a great framework with a lot of possibilities!

Where I stand...

I’m enjoying my job, my bosses are happy with me, my customers are happy with me. I’m spending more time with family, certainly I’d been putting distance from my friends but I think I need time with myself to go trough this decluttering process and well, they want the old Ken back, my finances are stabilizing, creativity has been peaking, , and I’d been this content with myself since last year tragedies, I’m proud I’m doing well, feeling loved and overwhelmed with compassionate thoughts, is amazing how beautiful the world looks like in this state.


Folding cranes now is almost second nature, tough this task is going to be an exercise in discipline and patience. There’s an interesting history behind the folding of 1000 origami cranes I wasn’t aware of when started this task, an ancient Japanese legend says that if anyone folds a thousand origami cranes is granted a wish, like having a long life or recover from their illness or injury.

Cranes can also be sent to Hiroshima to be added to the children’s monument there.

Monday, June 02, 2008

New Start...

Weight: 208,9lb 94.8Kg
Height: 1,79m
IMC: 29.6

Body Fat: 25%
Fat weight: 23.7Kg

Just don't do it on a work day

I’m still paying dearly, walking like a robot…